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March 15, 2021

When it comes to interior design services, Kaufman by Design West is your one-stop shop. While most people think of interior design as matching the drapes to the rugs in a sitting room, interior design is a great big world! Our interior design professionals are experts in all facets of design, keeping your home up-to-date, cozy, and comfortable and capturing the look you’re trying to create in any space. But what all does interior design encompass? Read on to learn how experienced interior designers can serve you!

Space Planning and Design

Whether you’re constructing a new home or re-imagining your existing space, expert interior designers can help you plan it! Our interior designers consult with homeowners on how they intend to use the space and the atmosphere homeowners are trying to capture for themselves and their guests. After a thorough consultation, sometimes including a walkthrough, an interior designer will make architectural and design recommendations for construction or renovation. An experienced interior designer will walk with you through every stage of the process, from dreaming up the space to overseeing the work and installation to staging the final product!

Furniture, Accessory, and Art Selection

Interior designers can work in any space – whether it’s been constructed yet or not. Particularly in finished, empty spaces, an interior designer can make your vision come to life. By selecting furniture and accessories that meet your needs for the space, an interior designer can help you balance the room and prepare for many years of refreshing, relaxing enjoyment of your home. An interior designer can also help you select art that matches the atmosphere of the room and ties the whole space together. Even if you have a good idea of what you want your space to look like, expert advice from an interior designer can help you achieve the look and enhance your home.

Construction Administration and Documentation

Most interior designers are not licensed general contractors. But that doesn’t mean your interior designer can’t make the process much more manageable. Expert interior designers will help you with administration and documentation of construction projects like new home builds and renovations. You should engage an interior designer as soon as possible to help plan your space with architectural features and design elements that fit the finished space you want in your home. But even once your home is in the dry, an interior designer can be a huge help. They can oversee the interior construction work and make sure your home is finished exactly the way you want it.

Other Residential Interior Design Services

In addition to these essential functions, interior designers can help in a number of other ways, including:

  • Custom window treatments and bedding
  • Custom furniture design and production
  • Redesign of existing spaces
  • Floor and wall finish selection
  • Purchasing, procurement, and installation
  • Bespoke design services tailored to your needs

Interior designers are creative masterminds of beautiful spaces with a wide range of skills and expertise. When you’re trying to get a space just right or design a home that makes a lifelong statement, you want the help of an experienced interior designer. Interior designers are also masterful coordinators of other subcontractors and home professionals to make projects come to life. If you need help with an interior space and aren’t sure what kind of home design professional you need, call an interior designer. Even if they don’t offer the service directly, they can refer you to a dependable professional to complete your project.

Interior Design Services at Kaufman by Design West

Our locally-owned, family-operated business is here to serve you! In addition to decades of expertise in the lumber and construction material industry, we offer custom design and consultation solutions for any home or business. Check out our work for a peek at the incredible projects we’ve already completed, or give us a call today to learn more about how an interior designer can help you create something beautiful!