Tool Shed Project Inspirations for Summer

March 15, 2021

Warmer weather means you’ve got projects that need to get done. But if your tool shed is a mess (or you don’t have one to begin with), those Pinterest dreams can quickly turn into nightmares! Whether you’re looking for inspiration for that old tool shed out back or looking to create something new, you’re in luck. We’ve got the best tool shed project inspirations for you this summer!

Hang it All Up

The first trick to save space and organize is to get your lawn and other tools up off the ground and stored neatly away. Take the opportunity to put as many tools as you can up on the walls in your shed, under your deck, or in whatever space you’ve got. There are tons of ways to hang your tools in style!

The Pallet Organizer

Every DIY blog is obligated to include a pallet project. You can leave your pallet at ground level or mount it up on a wall for better organization and more space. Stand the pallet on its long edge so that there’s an opening at the top. Then, slide your long-handled tools down into the pallet and organize them between the support boards of the pallet itself. Then, attach magnetic strips, racks, or other organizers to the boards of the pallets to get all your lawn and garden tools in one place. You can even cut pegboard to fit and attach it to the pallet to hang any and all of your tools up on your new pallet organizer!

The Rake Head Rack

If you have one or more metal rakes close to giving it up for good, repurpose them! You can mount the rake head on a wall and hang garden and other tools from the teeth. This project is fast and easy, and it will turn your jumble of trowels and clippers into a neatly organized line of tools ready to grab and go!

Other Hanging Solutions

Of course, if you’re not looking for a boho aesthetic in your tool shed, you can pick up a number of tool-hanging solutions. Pegboard and pegs are a classic for hanging lots of tools and other items – and you can pick up baskets and other containers that fit the pegboard system. If you have an old shoe organizer, repurpose it to hold gloves, accessories, screws, nuts, bolts, and all the other random things that threaten to spill out every time you reach for your tool tote. You can also find tool racks at just about any hardware store, or you can build your own! Maximize your vertical storage by getting it all off the ground and in its proper place!

Build a New Tool Shed

If you don’t have a tool shed yet or if yours just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to build one! Building a tool shed yourself is easy enough if you have the right tools and experience, but you can also buy a shed pre-built and have it installed in your backyard. Tool sheds range from small lean-to structures that fit neatly up against the side or back of your house to awe-inspiring barn-style behemoths. 

Make Your Tool Shed Not a Tool Shed

With summer outdoor time coming, more and more folks are turning their tool sheds into something entirely new and different! Transform your backyard space and experience by turning your tool shed into a backyard sports bar, outdoor kitchen, or tiny getaway. You can install electricity in your tool shed if it doesn’t already have it, put in a small cooler or air conditioning unit, and enjoy life in the back yard all summer long. With a sweet new addition to your outdoor entertaining space, your back yard is sure to become a summer destination!

Everything You Need for Your Tool Shed at Kaufman by Design West

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