Why You Should Incorporate Glass Into Your Next Home Remodeling Project

September 19, 2022

Regarding a unique home, there are a few key features that give each residence its own look. Perhaps a home has a unique roofing pattern or an abstract shape that makes it stand out from others. If your goal is to go for a more modern look, incorporating glass into your build can give you that clean, yet timeless look. Glass is a great option because of its sustainability and style, and can be used in all areas of the house.

Sustainability and Health

Glazing is a sustainable option that helps keep heat inside during the winter, and out during the summer. By design, this does block viewing, but if you still want to have a view from time to time, you can install windows that have an electric current running through them. When toggled on and off it changes the window from clear to opaque. However, sometimes the easiest option is to replace your current windows and doors with better insulation. These kinds of upgrades can be expensive, so keep your budget in mind. If you’re planning on funding your project with a loan, check your credit score to make sure it’s high enough to avoid high-interest rates.

Utilizing a lot of glass maximizes the amount of sunlight in your home, which means you can leave the lights off more often. It’s healthy to have natural sunlight all day long because your body can naturally follow its circadian rhythm. According to the Sleep Foundation, 35.2% of U.S. adults report sleeping less than seven hours per night on average. The more natural your sleep cycle is, the better your sleep will be. Having a bright and open space in the home will help you live a healthier lifestyle, allowing you to be more alert and productive during the day. The brightness of the natural light can also help combat seasonal depression and improve mood. Even though it may get darker more quickly during the winter months, the natural light will fill the house well past sunset.


The style of your home can dramatically change with the inclusion of tall windows. Think about what your house would look like if you replaced some of the walls with large glass windows. This can be done with the interior, or exterior walls as long as they’re not load-bearing. This creates an environment that offers the best view from every corner of the house. It’s also a great upgrade to the home’s value and promotes an outdoor lifestyle. Upgrading your lighting in addition to windows helps create a brand new look for your home.


A glass house is perfect for having guests and providing entertainment. Your guests can roam around the house, yet still feel like they’re a part of one large room with increased visibility. If you have an open floor plan already, this effect is maximized. The glass makes for a great conversation piece, and also allows guests to see the various items around your house that are on display, keeping the conversation flowing. If you have a family, particularly with younger kids, it’s also easier to keep an eye on your kids while you do work around the house.


Although it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, glass actually can provide a great deal of privacy by using the glazed options. Having the ability to turn the opacity on and off gives you flexibility with privacy. For example, your living room could be a great spot to spend time with family and friends, but come nightfall you might want to change the opacity to create more privacy. Bathrooms and showers are other great places for this. When the shower isn’t being used, the glass can be left clear to give the room a larger feel. Once someone goes to use the shower they can change the setting to block the sightline.

Also, if you have a guest house, window privacy is very important. If you’re having someone stay there they should be able to both enjoy the view of the outdoors and also have privacy when needed. It’s a nice touch of detail that’s more modern than traditional blinds or curtains. The benefits of glass in your home go beyond just appearances. It’s a design choice that promotes sustainability, a healthy lifestyle, and a space for entertainment.