7 Things Every Home Improvement Enthusiast Should Do to Keep Safe

June 8, 2017

If you love your home as much as we love ours, you probably take pride in improving it and keeping it well-maintained.

In your eagerness to tile the bathroom, fix the roof, or simply put up a shelf, it can be easy to forget to take simple steps to protect yourself. Whether you’re new to home improvement or you’re a seasoned pro, accidents can happen. We don’t want that to happen to you, so we’ve made a list of the 7 main things every home improvement enthusiast should do to stay safe when working on their next project.

  1. Dress like the builder you want to be.

Don’t wear loose or baggy clothes that could get caught on a nail or your equipment. You’re not going to a fashion shoot! All you need is simple, comfortable clothes that are suitable for the job at hand.  

  1. Put those tools away!

Your tools can be pretty dangerous if you leave them lying around on the floor. Not only should your workspace be tidy, but you should always put your equipment away in a dedicated space, ideally your tool box! Once you’re finished using your drill, unplug it; electrical equipment can be especially dangerous if not looked after correctly.

  1. Protect yourself.

Always use your tools correctly and wear the right safety equipment for the job. Doing something that’s going to make a lot of dust fly around? Put those goggles on. Ready to cut, saw or hammer something? Keep your fingers and other body parts away. It’s simple advice, but it’s easy to forget if you’re rushing, so take your time.  

  1. Ladders, ladders, ladders.

At some point, you will have to use a ladder for something. Always ensure that your ladder is stable and is locked in position. If you are working with someone else, get them to hold the ladder still for you. Aluminum ladders should never be placed near any open electrical sources.

  1. Be prepared for accidents.

No matter how much you do to prevent an injury, accidents can and do happen. Even the most experienced home improvement enthusiast will tell you this. Make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit around at all times. If you’re doing anything that has a chance of giving you a serious injury (such as working on a ladder or using power tools), it’s best to do it when someone else is around who can help you if you get injured.

  1. Know when to stop.

Some jobs look easy at first but then turn out to be an absolute nightmare. If you find yourself getting frustrated, put the tools down and call it a day. Sometimes the job is just too much for you, especially if you have little experience. For example, it’s best advised to leave the plumbing and electrical jobs to the plumbers and electricians.

  1. Do your research first.

Before you begin any home improvement job, make sure you know all the steps and safety measures you need to take at each step. You can always check the right way to do something by reading the instructions or checking online. If in doubt, ask an expert you know or stop by and ask us for advice.