How are Crystal Chandeliers Made?

How are crystal chandeliers made?


The crystal chandelier is an absolutely timeless piece of home decor. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for any room, and adds a touch of opulence and grandeur that brings your room’s aesthetic to new heights.

When you picture an old-timey ballroom or a five-star hotel, chances are good that a crystal chandelier is part of the decor.  They’re timeless and luxurious!

Is a crystal chandelier different from a glass chandelier?


While crystal and glass are technically similar, the important differences lie in the way they’re both made.

Glass is made from molten sand, soda ash, and limestone. When these materials are heated up to extremely high temperatures, their properties change, and they turn from solids into a pliable liquid.

Crystal is also made using a similar process. The key difference is the addition of lead during the melting process, which makes the glass much clearer and more reflective of light. 

Comparing a piece of ordinary glass to a piece of crystal will make the difference obvious– the term “crystal clear” exists for a reason!

How is a crystal chandelier made?


While the crystal parts of a crystal chandelier are undeniably the most exciting, the most important part of the chandelier is the base. Without a solidly designed base, the chandelier won’t be properly supported and most likely won’t last very long.

Meanwhile, a base that’s been carefully designed to stand up to the weight of the chandelier– which depends on the size and quality of the chandelier, but they can be quite heavy!

The actual creation of the chandelier itself– that is, the stringing and application of the crystals– greatly depends on where you’re purchasing the chandelier from. The best-quality chandeliers are completely strung by hand. That incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship definitely shows in the final product.

Of course, if you’ve seen a crystal chandelier, you’ll have noticed that the individual shapes of each crystal are what makes the piece truly sparkle. 

These shapes have to be formed during the molten part of the process. Typically, the molten crystal is poured into molds to create uniformly beautiful shapes to complement the chandelier design.

Will a glass chandelier have the same effect?


While a glass chandelier can definitely be a more affordable option, the main benefit of a crystal chandelier is the increased clarity and ability to reflect light. 

Side by side, a piece of glass and a piece of pure crystal might not seem that different– but on a crystal chandelier, there might be thousands of crystals. At that scale, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference.

Where can I find the perfect crystal chandelier?


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