Kaufman Lumber | How To Choose Drawer Pulls and Knobs | Real Questions

October 5, 2018

Who knew the success or failure of your kitchen remodel hinged on whether or not you could choose the correct model from several identical drawer pulls.


They all open drawers! However, only one will draw together this beautiful, modern Scandinavian theme you’ve spent months building into your kitchen.


1. Match the rest of the room.

The hardware you choose for your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry is like the “jewelry” of the room. Make sure it matches with the rest of the design. You can do this with shape, color, and even style. Mixing and matching metals — a very popular trend right now — needs to be done carefully. Don’t over-do it.   The most popular knobs and drawer pulls are currently satin nickel, chrome, and bronze. Your choices span widely beyond those. Glass pulls can add a beautiful touch to your kitchen.


2. Use your choice as an accent.

If you want to add a pop of color, this is a great place to do that. Love antiques? Many kitchens use knobs and pulls to bring a beautiful antique finish to their kitchen. What about repurposed silverware?   Don’t overwhelm yourself with choices, but this is a great place to add the “something unique” your kitchen needs.


3. Consider what is being opened.

Heavier drawers will require a sturdier knob or pull. One suggestion interior designers have is to use pulls for drawers and knobs for doors. Drawers are often heavier and need a sturdy grip to open.   Knobs work best on doors because they are usually not heavy. However, they do need to withstand being used as a convenient hook. Think about where you are going to place kitchen decor. If any of your kitchen habits put dish towels or kitchen timers on these convenient knobs, make sure they are sized appropriately.


4. Don’t distract from the other design elements in the room.

Choose pulls or knobs last when designing your kitchen. You could even put it off until everything else in the kitchen is done.   Even though they are small compared to your other hardware, the pulls and knobs you use in your kitchen will vastly change the overall feel of the room.   Simple knobs are often suggested for cabinet doors because they don’t distract from the design of the door.


5. Choose a comfortable and easy option.

These knobs or pulls will likely be used every day. They should feel smooth to the touch. They should also feel sturdy.   These knobs and pulls will be protecting the cabinet doors and drawers from dirt and grease. You will be thankful to have a comfortable, easy-to-clean choice after a few days of use.