Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy This Fall

October 5, 2018

Fall is in the air. It is time to give the air conditioner a break and start thinking of ways to enjoy the cool fall air as it comes and goes over the next few months.

At Kaufman by Design we know how important it is to keep every season in mind when it comes to home design.. Thankfully, with hygge in mind, that isn’t too difficult.

Hygge isn’t the latest home decor trend. It’s a Danish philosophy that has been around for a hot minute. It encompases much more that just home decor. Think cozy, warm, living in the moment, and enjoying the simple things in life.

A home designed with hygge in mind is sure to welcome guests and create a relaxing space for anyone.

Here are a few tips.


1. You’ll need to create plenty of seating space.

Not just for you to stretch out on, but for inviting family and friends over. Hygge is all about being content and enjoying the simple things in life. Surround yourself with the people that care and enjoy their company.

All this seating space needs to be comfy. Even though hygge is thought to be a minimalist-inspired design, it is very much focused on fluffy pillows, plush throws, and even layered rugs.

Throw pillows can totally make their space on the floor. This is a great way to make sure all your guests are comfortable. Even if you have many guests over.


2. Include things you love to relax with.

Many hygge-inspired homes have various stacks of books lying around. It is important to remember that clutter is not hygge. Clutter creates stress. The key is to find a space that these books are meant to go. Their home is part of the room’s decor.

Set a stack of books you want to read on a coffee table or end table with a lamp.

Leave plenty of room — and coasters — for warm beverages. Do you have hobby you usually work on in the living room? Create a space for it. If possible, store all the materials nearby for easy access.


3. Relaxing lighting is key.

Make sure the overhead lighting is not unflattering or overwhelming. Try fairy lights to give your hygge room a gentle sparkle. Place enough lamps to create sufficient lighting without the overhead light.

Don’t forget candles. Candles are so very hygge. Danish households can’t get enough. Just remember to be safe. If electric candles seem like a better idea, go for it. Try warming the candles to give off their scent, instead of lighting the wick.


4. ANY room can go from cringe to cozy.

Hygge is all about peace and happiness. Take the impossible-to-decorate room and create something you’d invite your friends to. Just remember a few things.

  • Decorate with things that make you happy.
  • Layer the cozy pillows and blankets.
  • Remember to keep the room calming.

Choose neutral colors. If something seems like “too much” it probably is. If glam is your thing, use that! Add a woodsy element to bring all that glam down to earth. Unique decor items often make people feel at home.