4 Creative Ways to Make Sentimental Home Decor Fit Your Personal Style

July 13, 2018

Things from the past were built to last. and last. and last.


While you wouldn’t dream of giving away your grandmother’s dresser and headboard, it just doesn’t go with your home decor style.

Here are a 5 tips from the interior designers at Kaufman by design for dealing with sentimental items in your home decor.

Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to sort through sentimental items. For many of us, emotionally loaded decor takes a lot of energy to deal with.


1. Remember that getting rid of an object doesn’t mean you are getting rid of the memory associated with it.

We often find it difficult to clean up the clutter that once belonged to a loved one. But, cluttering up your guest room closet is not the best way to honor their memory. Use these tips to brainstorm a better solution.

If you are worried about forgetting, take a picture of the item. Create a memory book. This will be much easier to store. A digital photo, if properly stored, is one of the safest, most convenient ways to store a memory.


2. Compromise by saving only the best.

If you are dealing with boxes and boxes of memorabilia, categorize. Only save the best from each category.

Got a box full of birthday cards from a loved one? Maybe choose to save a letter from that loved one instead. You will be saving their memory and downsizing your memorabilia storage. That one letter—you should save it digitally too, just in case—will mean just as much to you as a whole box full of birthday cards.


3. Put the item out of sight for a year.

Here is a great way to determine if the sentimental decor is really as important as it seems: Put it safely in a box, out of sight. Set a reminder on that day for a year later and ask yourself questions like…

  • Did you need or think about that item during that year?
  • Does the importance related to that object still hold a place in your memory, even though you haven’t seen it in over a year?

This might be a good way for you to determine that you can give it away.


4. Repurpose it into something useful or something that matches your style.

Is this object something practical you could use? Many families store away heirlooms, afraid of damaging them. Consider this: objects are not magic. They were not meant to sit away in a box.

At Kaufman by Design, we are a big fan of home decor that has more meaning than what it looks like. Heirlooms are part of your story. Sentimental decor adds a unique value to the look of your home.

Consider painting the item so it matches your style. Repurpose it so it is useful again. If it is a large item, perhaps it could be used as furniture. Get some help brainstorming. Think outside the box for a creative solution.