5 Home Office DIY Projects

September 27, 2020

Creating a home office that helps keep you focused and productive is a lot more difficult than it sounds – especially if you’re using a makeshift area in your home!


And if you have kids, pets, and your spouse in the house as well… it can get crowded, to say the least! But the good news is, no matter what kind of space you’re working with, there are all levels of DIY projects you can tackle to create a calming, attractive workspace. Go ahead – you deserve the upgrade!

1. Switch Out Some Decorations: DIY Level – Easy

Your office supplies deserve an upgrade! After all, it’s hard to feel inspired when you’re surrounded by basic, corporate, beige, and blah. There are so many chic versions of office supplies these days and even just splurging on something like an attractive stapler or unique bookends can really elevate your workspace. 

Swap out your standard desk lamp for a more elegant floor lamp option, put up some art in your favorite style on the walls, and don’t forget to add a few plants! Greenery is attractive, chic, and has the added benefit of lowering your blood pressure – just by looking at it!

2. Don’t Go With the Traditional Office Chair: DIY Level – Easy

Desk chairs are one of those strange items whose quality just never seems to match up to their price. Even the lowliest swivel chair in Office Depot is about $100 – and that’s for no ergonomic value add. Choosing a comfortable and stylish dining or sitting room chair can add an air of elegance to the room, show off your unique sense of style, and save you from a lot of hip and back pain. 

If you’re using the desk all day, every day, just make sure you choose a chair with great back support, to ensure you don’t strain or fatigue yourself. 

3. Upgrade the Hardware in Your Office: DIY Level – Easy

Another way to make your home office furniture look more luxe without breaking the bank is to upgrade the hardware. Door knobs, drawer handles, curtain rods – all are a way to showcase your style, add a special touch, and customize your space to make it feel more like your own. A feeling that is especially important when your office is also the guest room or the workout room or the old playroom. 

Keep an eye out for deals on quality furniture and remember that you can completely change the look of an antique file cabinet by trading out the rusted metal drawer handles for crystal knobs or brass handles that look like tree branches.  

4. Get Creative With Storage – DIY Level: Easy

Especially if you are sharing space with the guest bed, you may not want a bunch of corporate file cabinets lining your walls. But you still need a place to store your work papers – and if someone comes to visit, possibly your whole desktop! Balance functionality and style by getting creative with storage.

Stylish bookcases, storage ottomans and surfaces, and decorative shelves can all help you hide away your office supplies and keep them organized in an attractive, home-friendly way.  


5. Paint Your Walls: DIY Level – Easy

If you’re really trying to make a room your own, painting the walls a calming or inspiring color can help get you in the right headspace. Blues, greens, and greys are all known to promote calm and focus while yellows and pinks inspire creativity and energy. No matter what vibe you’re looking for, we suggest using a high-quality paint like Valspar so that it looks more professional,  you have to do fewer coats, and it lasts longer. 

If you’re trying to turn your home office into an inviting and productive space, contact Kaufman by Design West. One of our interior designers would be happy to walk you through a few ideas and brainstorm with you about how to improve your home office on a budget that works for you!