5 Reasons You Might Find Yourself At Our Lumber Yard

August 19, 2018

Does Your DIY Project Require More Than Scraps?

DIY enthusiasts love projects that go a little outside their comfort zone. If you’ve been doing DIY projects for a while and you are ready to move on to something big, your first stop could be a lumber yard.

Lumber yards are a great place to get the materials and tools you’ll need to complete your project.


1. You finally have the time to make your drab-yet-functional kitchen into your dream kitchen.

A beautiful kitchen will make all the difference in your everyday routine. You see your kitchen more than almost any other room in the house. It is where you do your hardest work and create your fondest memories with your kids.

Sometimes something as simple as adding shaker-style cabinets instead of plain ones could mean all the difference.


2. You got baby chicks.

Time to build a chicken coop! Or, if you already have a coop, you’ll need to make renovations as you learn more about keeping chickens.


3. You’ve been scrolling Pinterest long enough, it is time to finally try that DIY project.

When you think of your pin-spired DIY projects you’ve been dreaming of doing, is there one you are avoiding because it involves a little more manual labor and skills than you’ve done before.

It is that one DIY project you know might not go well. It may not turn out as expected, but you want to give it a shot anyways. Good for you!

You’ll find yourself at a lumber yard to find building materials and tools to tackle this new project. At Kaufman By Design, we can help you find what you’ll be needing. Our team strips down lumber every day. Don’t risk losing a hand to a table saw, tell us what you need and we’ll get it done same-day.


4. Your yard needs major help.

Your dog loves your backyard, but they are color blind. You look at your backyard and see a dull, overgrown space that needs something more.

Landscape solutions are often surprisingly easy. Something as simple as sprucing up your fence could make all the difference.


5. Your realtor said your home could use more “curbside appeal”.

Trying to sell your home? Curbside appeal is your home’s first impression. You could spend your budget with major renovations, replacing siding, or getting a new porch, but there are often simpler approaches that will work just the same.

How would your home look with a new railing? Railings are relatively inexpensive to build and will add a classic look to your porch.