Arkansas Interior Design | 4 Interior Design Tips

September 17, 2019

Good interior design not only makes a memorable impression on guests that come to your home, but it can also give your own well-being a boost.

If you are looking to give your home a full facelift or simply add a more modern touch, there are a multitude of ways you can do so. Here are five of our best tips for Arkansas interior design:


Add Some Life

Literally. By incorporating some plants into your design aesthetic! Plants add a cozy, homey vibe to your house, and they are a relatively inexpensive item to add. Arrange several large plants in your hallway or if you want to get crafty, make some geometric planters that you can affix to the wall or hang from the ceiling. Another added benefit of purchasing some plants for your home is that they will also help improve air quality indoors. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. You can achieve the same effect by decorating with succulents, which require minimal care, or by using high-quality faux plants. 


Adopt an Open Concept

If you are planning to go full Chip & Joanna on your home, one of the most beneficial tactics you can employ is adopting an open concept. Even if you think your home is small, knocking out some of the walls can make it feel much bigger. Imagine walking in the front door and being able to see your beautiful living room, kitchen, and dining room all at once! Your home will feel completely different, and in addition to feeling bigger, your home will have better airflow. Especially with the hot and humid summers we have here, improving your air flow is a crucial aspect of Arkansas interior design. 


Choose Colors Thoughtfully

The color you paint your walls truly sets the tone for your home (no pun intended). It can be tempting to stick to neutral colors so that you can redecorate more easily, but don’t be afraid to add some color! Blue is an Arkansas interior design favorite because it gives any room a calm vibe. A light blue is great for a living room or foyer with lots of natural light, while a deeper shade of blue is perfect for your master bedroom. If you aren’t quite ready to go all in with a fun color, shades of gray and off white also have the same calming effect. 


Mix It Up

Interior design used to be all about making every piece in a house match, but now it just needs to go. Place some vintage end tables in your living room to contrast your ultra-modern sofa. Add an abstract piece of art to one wall while displaying an impressionist work on another. The key to making this look intentional is to ensure that there is a unifying element with your contrasting pieces, such as color or texture.