3 Benefits Of Having Carpet Flooring In The Right Rooms

April 19, 2018

Is there a room in your home that you think would benefit from carpet flooring?


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While hardwood flooring might be the classic, top-choice for homeowners, carpet isn’t going anywhere. No other flooring provides the comfort that carpet offers. Here are a few other benefits to carpet flooring.

1. Comfort.

Carpet is the #1 flooring choice when it comes to cozyness. No other flooring has the soft and even squishy characteristics good-quality carpet has. It is often installed over padding. Homeowners can choose how much padding they want depending on how much “squish” they want their carpeted flooring to have.

Athletes who train hard or employees who are on their feet all day benefit from coming home to a squishy surface to walk around. Good under-carpet padding has also been known to reduce pain in those who suffer from hip or foot pain.

It also adds comfort to the room aesthetically. It’s texture is a great way to balance a bedroom or office.

2. Grip.

Got pups? Carpet is comfortable for dogs because they have an easier time keeping their balance. Some dogs get excited and forget they are on slippery hardwood or tile flooring. Causing them to spin out and lose their footing—this does not usually have any effect on their excitement.

If you have small children that are just learning to walk, carpet is best. It will pad their little falls and give them more traction so they don’t slip just as soon as they finally get on their feet.

3. Insulation.

Whenever most people think of insulation, the first thing that comes to mind is a batt of fiberglass. The insulation we are talking about here is the kind of cozy materials you want to surround yourself in on a lazy sunday. Fleece blanket? Fuzzy slippers?

Carpet actually has a bit of r-value. Meaning it has the ability to trap cold air as it enters the room from the floor, keep it trapped long enough to warm up, and then release it into the room. In this way carpet can help lower your electricity bill.

It is also a noise insulator. Sound has a harder time bouncing off its soft surface. This adds a quiet peacefulness that will certainly improve a bedroom or office.