Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home

October 27, 2020

Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Home

Plants are definitely a current trend in interior design. Check out any home decorating blog or social media account, and you’ll see tons of leafy greenery brightening up all kinds of rooms. You’ll probably also find some commiseration about fussy plants, or people mourning the untimely deaths of their beloved botanical friends.

If you’re eager to get in on the trend, but haven’t been blessed with a green thumb, you’re not out of luck. There are plenty of low-maintenance houseplants that will make your space look amazing without requiring a ton of extra work or stress. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites!

Air Plants

Air plants are particularly interesting because they don’t even require soil to live. They’re completely self-contained, and they draw the nutrients they need to survive largely from the air (hence their name!)

They’re not completely hands-off, though– you’ll still need to water them and ensure that they’re getting the right nutrients to thrive.

As for most plants, it’s important that you ensure your air plant gets a sufficient amount of light– but direct sunlight can be harmful, so choose a spot carefully. They’re also extra happy in more humid environments, so keeping them near a bathroom window can help them brighten up your space for years to come.


Succulents are especially trendy lately, because they’re so cute! Typically, they’re small and unique in appearance, adding some interest wherever you choose to place them in your home.

However, you might be tempted to pick out succulents that are brightly colored, since they come in beautiful shades of red, orange, and even purple. If you intend to keep your succulents indoors, the more brightly-colored species aren’t your best bet. Instead, you should choose greener varieties that adapt more easily to life indoors.

Succulents don’t need a lot of water. In fact, they should only be watered when their soil is completely dry to the touch. The only thing they really need is light– you should make sure they’re getting as much bright (but indirect) sunlight as possible each day. The brightest window in your home is the perfect spot for your beautiful succulents!

Spider Plants

Arachnophobes might balk at the name of this low-maintenance, pretty plant, but don’t worry: they don’t attract spiders! The name comes from the look of the offshoots that grow from the plant.

Your spider plant will be happiest if you keep the soil moist (not too wet, not too dry) and if the temperature remains fairly consistent. They don’t do well with hot, direct sunlight or excessive water– you’ll probably be fine with watering just once a week.

Spider plants also benefit from occasional fertilization, but it’s easy to find houseplant fertilizer that makes the job a snap.

Pothos Jade

Pothos plants are one of the trendiest indoor plants for a reason. They’re gorgeous and easy to care for!

There are a few different varieties of pothos plants, but jade pothos plants require less light than many of the others, which makes them perfect for keeping indoors.

You’ll only need to water your pothos once every week or two. When the weather is cooler, you’ll need to water it even less. If you make sure to use fertilizer every month or two, your pothos can live up to 10 years!

Gorgeous, affordable decor

Plants are great additions to virtually any space. They’re also relatively inexpensive, and you can mix and match various species to create a unique look in your room. As long as you take some time to look into proper care for your chosen plant, you’re about to enjoy a long and healthy relationship that’s more rewarding than a tchotchke but less work than a pet!