Creating a Rustic Chic Look in Your Home with Interior Design

You’ve probably been hearing people talk about decorating “rustic chic” or “shabby chic” for a while now. That’s because it’s become a mainstay in the interior design world.

Far from being a passing trend, rustic chic interior design is here to stay. It’s perfect for people whose personal tastes, and lifestyle, are better suited for a comfortable, lived-in look rather than ultra-sleek and modern decor.

What is rustic chic interior design?

One of the best things about rustic chic decor is that there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing the pieces that you like. 

You don’t have to stick to any particular era when you’re choosing furniture and decorations; the most important part is that you like what you’re choosing.

Typically, rustic chic, also referred to as shabby chic, is characterized by antique furniture that’s a little worn around the edges. 

That’s pretty much the key to the style– featuring pieces that are worn or hand-distressed, which creates a look that’s low-key, warm, and comfortable.

Where can I find shabby chic pieces?

Another great thing about rustic chic decor is the versatility that it allows.

Antique furniture is a mainstay in rustic chic homes, because it often already features the vintage patina that you’ll want to achieve.

But, while it’s fun to hunt, you don’t have to source every individual piece from antique stores and estate sales. There are lots of rustic chic pieces available at stores that sell new furniture, too.

Even if you find a piece you love that doesn’t quite match the decorating theme of your home, it’s fairly simple to achieve a rustic chic look.

How can I make my furniture look rustic chic?

Even a new piece of furniture can look like it’s been in the family for generations, with just a little bit of DIY magic.

If you’ve found the perfect dresser, cupboard, or coffee table, but want it to match the rest of your chosen furniture, there are a couple of options available to you.

There are a number of products you can choose that will create a crackled glaze effect. You can cover your chosen piece of furniture with whatever color you’ve chosen (warm whites and pastels are often characteristic of a rustic chic look). 

Then, use a special crackle glaze for a second coat. Once that’s applied, paint another coat over the glaze– you’ll want to work quickly, since crackle glazes will start to crackle right away.

You don’t have to paint the furniture with quite as much diligence as you’d need for a more modern look. In fact, leaving some patchy spots can make the piece fit in even more nicely with your rustic chic theme!

Using a crackle glaze is great because your furniture will look antique very quickly– achieving a look that it takes antique furniture decades to reach!

Using furniture wax is another great option to achieve a rustic chic look. Once you’ve painted your chosen piece of furniture, you can apply a coat of furniture wax. Once that’s dried, simply sand the piece down in the spots where you’d like it to look distressed!

How can I style a rustic chic room?

The most important part of a rustic chic theme is that you’ve chosen pieces that you love, and that will work with your lifestyle.

Generally, a shabby chic room features warmer colors, pastels, and feminine fabrics (think florals, quilts, and ruffles). You can also spice up a rustic chic room with antique wall hangings and dried floral arrangements.

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