Balconies and Patios: Five Decor Tips for Small Spaces

June 8, 2017

Decorating your balcony or patio is not always so simple.

Most of us have only a small amount of space to use, especially in urban environments, and so utilizing that space to its maximum potential is very important. Before you go out shopping for decor, be sure to spend a good deal of time in your space to consider all of its possibilities.

When you envision your balcony or patio, how many people do you see there? What are they doing? Are they having breakfast on a summer’s morning? Sipping a cocktail in the evening? Are kids playing with their toys? Or do you just see yourself taking some time to read a book? The way you plan to use the space should influence the atmosphere you want to create with your décor.

  1. Keep furniture small and practical.

If you have a small space, it might be a good idea to limit the amount of seats to two, plus a small table. Also consider light, fold-away furniture. This can make your space flexible, for when you want to sit outside with company. . You should also think about exposure to the elements. For example, a pair of metal chairs may rust in the rain.

  1. Think vertically, not horizontally.

Try to use any free space on the walls or ceiling as much as possible for decorations, lights, plants and storage cabinets. Try hanging plants for example. If you keep your decor high, it can save you a lot of floor space. Try to avoid long items that take up a lot of space, especially if you don’t plan on using them too often. Keep the floor as empty as possible to make your space seem larger.

  1. Create a mood with lighting decor.

Obviously, lighting is very important during the evenings, but you should think carefully about the kind of mood you want to set and how much space you’re taking up. A great idea would be to use fairy lights which can be wrapped around poles, wooden beams or nails. You can even paint light bulbs and hang those up too. When it comes to lighting, remember to consider colors. Do you want the lighting to be bright and clear, or mood-enhancing with strong colors?

  1. Add some life with plants.

Growing plants on your balcony or patio is a fantastic way to liven up the atmosphere. Be sure to choose plants that will grow well in your space. If your balcony or patio is enclosed, are your plants going to get enough light? Make sure they are well protected from the elements. If you live somewhere seasonal, it is best to put the plants inside during the winter – no one wants to see a plant graveyard.

  1. Make your space fun.

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, consider adding some fun decor to do so you can maximize the time you spend there. Some entertainment ideas could include adding a movie projector and screen, or if you really want some luxury, maybe even a Jacuzzi (some are even inflatable, saving you space when it’s not in use).

Whatever direction you decide to take when decorating your balcony or patio, remember to be consistent with your décor, choosing items that complement each other and that contribute to the type of atmosphere you are trying to create.