Why It Is Never a Good Idea to Buy Cheap Windows or Doors.

May 6, 2019

We offer designer doors and windows but, we want to make sure you have the right options to stay within your budget and still build something beautiful. Here is why you should choose your doors and windows wisely.


How do we like our doors? Tall, dark, and handsome.

A good door is like the man who is the romantic interest in every romance novel. He’s strong to keep you safe, eco-conscious, attractive, and he’s going to stick around for a long time — with a mysterious lack of noticeable aging.

You should always hold out for the best when it comes to windows and doors. They are essential features of your home.


Your door needs to be able to keep harsh temperatures out of your home. This is achieved by correct sizing and installation. Doors made with fiberglass or composite-materials have tested well against harsh weather conditions.

Your windows need to handle harsh weather, too. Upgrading an older house? There are many ways you can test your windows on your own to see if they need to be replaced. Do some research based on the size and type of window and find a good way to put your windows to the test.


When a door gets kicked-in in a movie, the frame always breaks. That how the characters know the entry was forced.

Unlike many small details of a crime movie, this is accurate! The entire door system needs to be snug and strong. Make sure the door you choose has a quality door jamb and lock equipment. If your door has glass, choose strong materials and make sure the glass portion of your door is not within reach of the door lock and handle.

Curb-side appeal.

Curb-side appeal isn’t only important when you are intending to sell the home. When you get home from a long day of work or running errands, you want to see a beautiful, welcoming front door.

This might be where you need to consult a designer. Most vinyl glass housing for windows can not be painted. You need to know which color will look best before the window is on the house.


Your front doors and windows have essential purpose in your home. They need to be replaced/installed by the pros. Once you’ve got your doors and windows selected and in place, you’ll want them to stay that way permanently.

Low-quality wooden doors will begin to warp and steel doors tend to peel. Do your research — and talk with a member of our team — and get a quality door system that will last.

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