Eco-Friendly Doors and Windows: Balancing Style and Sustainability

October 27, 2020

When you imagine eco-friendly home decor, you might be picturing a lot of natural fabrics like burlap, mason jars, and antique furniture– right?

Well, you’re not entirely off the mark. Repurposed fabrics, materials, and furniture are great for the planet and reduce your carbon footprint.

But there’s other options, too– including ones that allow you to maintain your preferred home aesthetic while also doing something good for the planet: eco-friendly doors and windows!

What are eco-friendly windows?

If you live in an older home, there’s a decent chance your home has older, single-pane windows. While these might add to the vintage vibes you want to accentuate within your space, they probably aren’t doing your energy bills any favors.

Eco-friendly windows are a modern-day window solution that look like any other window– except that they block UV rays while allowing natural light to shine in.

These windows are also well-insulated with vinyl framing and spacers, which prevent heat or cool air from escaping.

If your windows are well-insulated, they do more than just block UV rays. They also keep warm air inside, which means that your home’s HVAC system will work more efficiently. Installing these windows will absolutely have an impact on your energy bill.

What are eco-friendly doors?

Eco-friendly doors are slightly different from eco-friendly windows. The main goal, of course, is to keep your home well-insulated, eliminating any cracks around the door’s seal that might allow air to escape (or unwanted critters to enter!)

However, there’s more room for experimentation when it comes to eco-friendly doors. These doors might be made from sustainably sourced materials, like bamboo. 

Essentially, any natural material that you choose for your door will ultimately be good for the planet. This is because once your door has reached the end of its lifespan, the material is biodegradable or recyclable. The same is not true for doors made from materials like fiberglass, which can be harmful to the environment and are definitely not biodegradable.

How can I make my home eco-friendly while maintaining my desired aesthetic?

There are plenty of little changes you can make around the home to reduce its carbon footprint, while maintaining or even improving your desired aesthetic.

For example, you can make the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, which last a lot longer and use a lot less energy.

Your changes could even be as simple as switching to natural cleaning products. Cleaning with natural products can avoid the toxic and potentially hazardous chemicals present in many popular cleaning products.

Where can I find eco-friendly lighting and decorating solutions?


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