Can Equipment Rental Help with Buying Gifts?

December 20, 2017

Have you ever thought about buying tools for someone as a gift?


Maybe you’re not sure what to get them. Maybe you’re not sure what they need. Here at Kaufman By Design, we’re here to help you. Before you buy, you can always use an equipment rental to see for yourself how tools and equipment work. With the holidays just around the corner, we want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Here are some of our suggestions on what tools you should gift. This could be for dad, mom, employees, or children who need their first tool box. Bring them in and let them use an equipment rental to see how they will enjoy a specific tool.

The Tools They Want, the Info You Need

Everyone needs the bread and butter of tools in their home. This means having a good hammer. Having a hammer can cover multiple home projects. Tasks such as putting nails in the walls to hang up a picture frame, or taking the same nails out of the wall. If you are thinking about making a tool box set, make sure to invest in a good hammer with a rubber grip on the handle. On wooden handles, make sure there is a good “bell” shape at the end for hard blows, while a wider middle section will provide a good grip for lighter blows. When trying to hammer nails in your home or office, nothing compliments a hammer better than a stud finder. You can Youtube videos all day long on how to find a stud by knocking on the wall and hearing “solid” sounds compared to “hollow” sounds. But for most people, a stud finder makes it much easier. If the hammer is the bread, screwdrivers are the butter. Try finding a wide variety of lengths and sizes in both philips heads and flat heads. Bonus points if they are magnetic and can pick up and hold screws in place.  More essentials for a basic tool kit are tape measures and a leveler. Take a weekend project such as hanging up shelves. Yes you need a hammer and some nails, but if you are just eyeballing where they need to go, you are in for a weekend of frustration and adult language. That’s because you have uneven shelves that are so slanted, it’s more of a slide. That is why these tools are important for your tool box, and anyone else’s tool box. They say “more power comes more responsibility.” We think the saying should go “more power comes more fun”. When talking about power tools, we can spend days talking about power drills. For a good all-around drill, aim for a cordless drill around 18 volts. You will also want to pair a set of drill bits when giving a power drill as a gift. Still not sure what you need? Come see our most requested tools and our equipment rental experts can help.