Top 7 Reasons DIYers Use Equipment Rental Services

October 25, 2017

Let’s face it. Renovation work costs money. If you are adding on, upgrading or just making some kind of change to your surroundings, it is going to cost you in materials and labor.


This is why it is so attractive to many DIYers to save some coin by going the equipment rental route. Here are a few reasons why you should consider doing the same for your next project…

  1. Storage

Even if you are such a handyman that you are forever working on something, just by utilizing equipment rental services you don’t need a large shed, garage or warehouse to store the equipment you aren’t using today.

  1. Down Time

Even with equipment rental tools there are breakdowns. The difference here is that if it was a tool you owned, you would have to replace it and this could take some time. With a rental, you just return it and take another tool to replace the one you had. Quick, easy, fast!

  1. Retooling

Think there’s a better reason to use equipment rental services than owning? We do, too. When it comes to maintenance, regular care and associated tasks, the place you rent the gear has to worry about those things instead of you. It’s one less concern on your plate that gets you on the job that much quicker.

  1. The Right Tools for the Job

Here’s a good reason. When you make use of an equipment rental service you will be able to pick out exactly the tools you need for your project. You don’t have to improvise with something in your shed or the neighbor’s that just isn’t quite the right size or has enough power to do what you need it to.

  1. Only the Tools You Need For The Job

An extension of Point #4 is that with an equipment rental service you can rent just what you need for your project. That way you don’t have three hammers, two saws and fifteen power washers sitting around that you have to work around in order to use the ones you just rented.

  1. Always Updated

The problem many DIYers discover with their tool collections is that some of them go obsolete. Sure, ‘old school’ carpentry can still be accomplished but why put in the extra time when you can speed things up with new tools and better tools that are available through equipment rental?

  1. Replacement Costs

Speaking of obsolete tools…if your shed or workshop is full of them and you haven’t done that on purpose for a museum display, you are going to have to spend a few extra bucks replacing that gear with new and updated gear. With equipment rental as an option, you get to bypass that and still use quality tools.

So Why Buy It, When You Can Rent It?

That’s the $64 question right there. If you really are a DIYer, why buy the tools you need for your next job when you can save a bunch just with equipment rental? If you factored in renting for all of your projects, you may be surprised how much you will actually save as a result. The math is not hard but the facts are. Save on your next project by using an equipment rental service today!