Home Decor Tips For Holiday Decorating

October 27, 2020

Home Decor Tips For Holiday Decorating


We all have our own family holiday traditions and special decorating pieces. Whether you collected Nutcrackers and Santas, or you’re a fool for twinkle lights, something about holiday decorations really brightens the spirit and helps you get in the holiday mood! But even though we love decorating for the season, it can sometimes feel like one more burden in an already overwhelming time of year. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of tips and tricks to help you get your house looking merry and bright in no time flat!

Addition and Subtraction – Christmas Math!

No, don’t worry, there’s no actual math involved in this holiday decorating tip. This is just a reminder that to keep visual clutter to a minimum, it’s best to put away a regular accessory for every Christmas piece you put out while you’re decorating. As you decorate, just have a large bin or box to pack your things into, and then when you put up all your Christmas decorations in January, they’ll all be ready and waiting to come back out in one place!

So for every garland and Santa figurine, be sure to take down a vase or decorative bowl in its place. This keeps your home looking edited and elegant, no matter how intense your decoration gets!

If You’re Easily Overwhelmed, Keep It Elegant and Timeless

We all love the feeling of Christmas in the air, but for some of us, home is a place to escape the hustle and bustle. Bright garish lights, dozens of santas, and life size nativity scenes may just not represent your minimalist style. There’s nothing wrong with that – your home decor should always reflect who you are and what you find beautiful – no matter what the season or the perceived expectations. 

If you prefer a subdued, minimal form of Christmas cheer, consider incorporating a few Christmas-y colors and symbols instead of going all out. A few sprigs of red holly berries in a vase, a green velvet table runner, or a pinecone-reminiscent candleholder with a red or green candle are a gentle and stylish reminder of the season. 

Scented Candles Set the Mood

There’s nothing like a familiar smell to transport you back to fond memories of holidays gone by. With the pandemic still raging on, many of us are experiencing a different kind of holiday season this year – one with less entertaining, less travel, and possibly less family gathering around the hearth. During tough times, we do what we can to lift our spirits and those of our family members with small touches and thoughtful gestures. Scented candles that come in pine and cinnamon and other lovely scents, like these by Tyler Candle Company, are sure to boost your mood and take you down memory lane. 

Put a Spin on Traditional Trimmings

Christmas trees are one of the most iconic symbols of the season, and every family decorates differently. If you’re looking for an elegant modern twist, consider going with a monochromatic look! All silver, gold, or even red decorations can pack a visual punch and really set the mood for your Christmas palette. We decorated this tree with red ribbon, red glass ornaments, and dozens of sprigs of holly berries for a sophisticated, un-stuffy Christmas tree that’s a joy to look at. 

Not sure which way to go? If your house has the room, we suggest having a few trees! One for presents with the family, and one or two more for display throughout your home or in front of your windows! You can play with color schemes and really keep the spirit of the season alive in every room of your home. 

No matter how you decorate your home for Christmas, Kaufman by Design West is here to help. Our team of expert interior designers and decorators have curated a veritable cornucopia of lovely accessories, decorations, home decor, and specialty items to help you turn your home into your perfect winter wonderland this season. Just check out our Instagram or drop by the store for inspiration!