Home Improvement Projects to Do This Spring

June 4, 2017

With spring comes warmer weather, increased rainfall and the welcome disappearance of snow and ice. This makes it an excellent time to do some maintenance on your house.


Not only is the warmer weather more pleasant to work in, it is the best time to find and repair damage caused by the harsher winter conditions and to prepare your home for increased rainfall and the heat of the summer. We want to share 5 home improvement projects you can do this spring to keep your home in top shape.

  1.      Repair Your Roof

Your roof should be checked for deterioration twice a year: in the spring and in the fall. So once the cold winter weather has dissipated, inspect your roof. If you don’t know what to look for, you don’t have to go through the stress of pulling out the ladder and inspecting it yourself. You can hire a home remodeling contractor to check for any signs of deterioration. It’s best to have your roofs checked regularly to avoid the risk of having your home and personal belongings damaged by a leak.  

  1.      Update Your Rain Gutters

Spring means more rain, so make sure your gutters are in good condition. With damaged rain gutters, rain storms can splash dirt on the walls. Anytime you notice spots of dirt on your wall, you should repair or replace your gutters, an important home improvement project. Another common problem for older gutters is leaf blockage. Have your gutters cleaned so they can continue to lead water away from your home effectively. If your gutters are uncovered, consider upgrading to covered gutters that will prevent leaves from entering and blocking the water flow.

  1.      Check Your Air Conditioning

Spring signals the end of using your furnace and heater, and forecasts the start of using your air conditioning during the summer. After months of disuse, it is important to have your air conditioning system checked to ensure it’s still running properly. It’s better to do this before the weather gets hot, so your AC is ready when you need it!  Change the filter, check the hose connections for leaks, and make sure the drain pans are draining freely. Check that off your home improvement projects for spring. 

  1.      Update Your Siding

Just like the roof, the siding is a critical component of your home’s exterior. All through the winter, your house’s exterior endured the harsh weather conditions. It is therefore advisable to have the sidings of your house inspected every two years. If you find cracks in the siding, order a home improvement replacement for the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the house.

  1.  Touch up the Paint

Even if your house does not require a full paint makeover, a simple touch-up can bring out the elegance of the home and make it a welcoming sight for you and your visitors. Get out in the warmer weather and treat yourself with a more beautiful house – or get someone to do it for you!