How Flooring Stores Figure Out Your Best Flooring Options

April 22, 2019

The flooring can make or break the overall design of a space. With all of today’s options, how do you narrow it down?


Flooring stores like Kaufman by Design work alongside their clients to help determine which flooring they will be happiest with. Here are the three things we consider.


1. Practicality

First and foremost you need a floor that will function hassle-free. Your flooring choice depends greatly on the room you are installing it in. How will that room be used? What kind of traffic do you expect?

Kitchens, bathrooms, and any other room where you might expect moisture need flooring that can handle the extra moisture. Hardwood flooring tends to warp, discolor, and otherwise tarnish when it comes in contact with too much water. Concrete, vinyl tile, ceramic or porcelain tile, or any flooring that is approved for these rooms by the manufacturer is a safe bet.

Resilient flooring is a great choice for many of our clients. Here are a few options from bpi®.

How much standing will you be doing in this room? Extra moisture isn’t the only thing you need to take into account when choosing a flooring type for the kitchen. You’ll be thankful for a supportive subflooring if you ever end up hosting Thanksgiving.

2. Personal style.

You can only narrow down your flooring choices so far with practicality. Once you’ve got a flooring type in mind, you need to choose a style. American Tile & Stone® has a great selection of luxury vinyl flooring. Check out their catalog. Now you need to decide if you want the elegant Langua or make a statement with Trenton.

How do you tap into your personal style?

You have to choose the flooring that feels right. It might be difficult to tell what the flooring will look like until it is installed in your home or place of business. Our interior designers can help you out.

What kind of patterns and colors do you like?

Go with the colors to compliment your favorite pieces of decor. What is the feel or the room? Does it need to be cozy like a bedroom? Or maybe you’re looking for a more modern dining room. Either way, we recommend going with your gut instinct.

3. Pricing.

We work with all kinds of budgets. These days flooring stores will have plenty of affordable flooring options. Not all affordable flooring is created equal. At Kaufman by Design, our affordable flooring selection takes quality into account. You will only end up spending more money if you buy cheap flooring and end up having to re-floor the space.

As a flooring store, we go to great lengths to make sure we have the right flooring options for anyone who walks through our doors.

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