How To Choose The Perfect Millwork For Your Home

March 28, 2019

The millwork of your home is all the baseboards, trims, door frames, window frames, and crownings.


Do you choose a classic subtlety or go with your heart on some eclectic woodworking?


Millwork is a major contributor to the overall look and feel of your home. Get it right and you create a well-balanced space. Go off the beaten path and you may find yourself having to re-mould. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your heart. The interior designers at Kaufman by Design will help you find a millwork design that you love, that fits the architectural style of your home, and more.

Why add millwork?

Since the ideal millwork goes unnoticed, is it essential? You might never have really thought about millwork before now. The millwork in your home creates a well-structured feeling. It somehow makes the space seem safe. Not to mention it creates a look that feels more high-class and high-quality.


The phenomenon is difficult to describe. If you walked into a room without moulding, then went into a room with moulding, you’ll see what we mean. It balances the room. Millwork has a significant impact on how the home feels day-to-day.

How much moulding do I need?

The measurements we use for millwork can be traced back to the Greek and Roman orders of architecture. They built tall, beautiful structures we still enjoy today.


A general rule-of-thumb is to had half an inch for every foot of height. So a 9’ ceiling would need 4.5” moulding. The height of the room isn’t the only thing taken into account when an interior designer decides on millwork. Windows and door frames are important to take into account, too.


What kind of moulding works best in my home?

The moulding should match your home. What style is your home? Is it Victorian or more American Colonial? Interior design continues to push the line of traditional architecture. So it would not be impossible for your home to have more than one style. If you don’t know, you will need to do some research to find out.

Traditionally, you choose a moulding that is most commonly associated with your style of home. Once you have chosen your millwork, it should be the same in every room of the house.


Today some modern homes have all but trashed the traditional way to do millwork. They look amazing! These homes are usually owned or styled by a professional. If you want to do something unique with your millwork, we highly recommend that you consult a pro.