How to Increase Natural Lighting in Any Room

November 5, 2018

Good natural lighting is every interior designer’s dream. Nothing quite brightens up a room like the sunlight coming through a window. However, it is not always so easy to bring natural light into a room.


Here are a few tips on how you can enhance the natural lighting in any room.


Consider the curtains.

Are the curtains in the room heavy? Not just in fabric thickness, but consider color also. Curtains are a great way to create privacy, but they don’t need to obstruct all the natural light coming from your window.


Try lightweight curtains. White or another neutral color in a light hue.


Paint the walls the right colors.

You’d think that glossy paint finishes would be a great way to help bounce light around a room. This is not the case. Glossy finishes create a glare, absorbing the light. Try a matte finish. This will diffuse the light all over the room.


Choose light, neutral colors. Avoid covering your painted walls with large hanging decor. Unless it is a mirror or another kind of reflective surface, the decor will absorb light.


Choose the right decor pieces.

Speaking of decor, choosing the right accent pieces will greatly increase the natural light in a room. A carefully placed mirror — or two — could dramatically increase the natural lighting in a room. Mirrors can also be used to direct the natural light where it would be most beneficial.


If the room features dark colors you don’t need to completely redo the room to lighten it up. Lighter finishes contrasting the dark features will create more light in the room. Find reflective, metallic pieces. This could be a classy silver photo frame or some brave metallic upholstery.


Use artificial lighting.

Perhaps the room you are working with has posed an extra difficult challenge when it comes to natural lighting. Think outside the box. Artificial lighting can brighten up any room. If you choose the right shades and brightness, you can create lighting that is almost as good as natural light.


When you add artificial lighting to a room. Think of the types of lighting in layers. Here is a blog to learn more: