It seems like there’s always a new trend in the interior design world. Sometimes these trends fade away as quickly as they pop up, and sometimes they surprise everyone with their staying power.

Paying attention to trends in interior design is important for any homeowner, whether you’re looking to customize your space or preparing to sell your home. For example, someone who’s seeking out a truly personalized home environment shouldn’t feel pressured to adhere to any particular trend, instead choosing pieces that speak to them and their unique sense of style.

Meanwhile, someone who’s preparing to sell their home might keep an eye on trends– it’s best to follow current design standards without focusing too hard on what’s trendy right now, since some trends are bound to fade out and leave your space looking dated within a few years.

We’ve compiled a handy list of some upcoming trends for 2023, and how you can adopt them to fit whatever home vibe you’re going for this year!


Looking through old interior design books from the 1970s and 1980s is fascinating, since so many of the design elements popular during those eras went out of style within a fairly short period of time afterward.

However, over the past few years, 1970s-inspired trends have been popping up in interior design.

The 1970s retro style can be interpreted in many different ways– it doesn’t have to look cheesy or dated, and no, you don’t have to install wall-to-wall shag carpeting for your home to be on-trend this year.

Instead, you could choose a bold, unique tile with a 1970s-inspired design– adding an interesting accent to your kitchen or bath with colors you can pull from when choosing other decor pieces for the room. 

Choose unique textures, like velvet furniture or (if you’re into it!) a shag rug or two– or look out for unique curved edges or geometric shapes in your furniture and fixtures.

Finally, 1970s style also incorporates natural materials, which means you can liven up your space with some wood or cork, or get crafty with handmade macramé decor and ceramics.

Bold tiles and fabrics

Even if the 1970s-inspired patterns aren’t quite your taste, you can still dress up your home with bold, unique tiles and textiles. Imagine a kitchen backsplash with a rich green quilt-inspired pattern, or burnt-orange midcentury-inspired sunbursts– or, if you’re more into minimalism, simply a jewel-toned subway tile accent wall. 

The great thing about tile is that, if you ever get sick of your chosen pattern or color, you can always replace it. Textiles are even simpler to replace; choose on-trend colors and textures for throw blankets, curtains, and pillows, and switch them out if things ever look stale.

Unique pieces

If you’ve taken advantage of budget-friendly, build-it-yourself furniture options in the past, you’re probably used to walking into a friend’s home and recognizing the exact same bookcase or TV stand you use in your own home.

However, in 2023, think locally, not globally. Look in your area for people who are making unique pieces, and make room in your budget for one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces. They’ll add interest to your space and become a conversation piece for guests.

These pieces could include locally-made ceramics and knickknacks, tables and chairs, rugs, or anything else the talented individuals in your area are selling. Support local artisans and elevate your space at the same time!

Consult the experts

One of the best things about home decor trends in 2023 is the sheer volume of available textures and styles on the market. No matter what your unique vibe is– maximalist, minimalist, or anything in between– there’s plenty of options available for you to choose from.

Our design experts are here to advise you on what’ll work best in your home, and within your budget. To get started on your next interior design project, just give us a call or stop by!