5 Simple Interior Designers Rules for Accent Walls

April 19, 2018

Looking to create the perfect accent wall to bring some interior designers style to a boring room? You are on the right track.


A good accent wall is a great option for those rooms in your house that just feel “off”—“off” is a feeling homeowners often get when they know something is missing from the decor of a room. Our experienced interior designers at Kaufman By Design can help you pick out that perfect accent materials for your flooring, wall, backsplash or any other part of your home decor project! Come in and see us today!

1. Use the wall with the headboard.

There is a simple rule of accent walls interior designers use in bedrooms that make it easy to pull-off. If you are adding an accent wall in a bedroom, choose the wall that is behind the headboard. If that doesn’t seem right, the bed might not be in a choice place.

2. Choose the wall across a large room.

Optical illusion is a lifesaver for interior designers trying to make a large space feel more like a home. A square wall across an open floor plan is an excellent spot for a statement wall.

The statement wall will call attention to the furthest part of the room, making it seem closer.

3. Use it where regular decor won’t work as well.

Accent walls are usually not a last minute interior design decision. Some homeowners look at their floor plan and realize there is a major wall that can’t be decorated with traditional decor.

Staircases are a great place for statement walls because the wall is usually near a focal point of the room and is often much too tall to decorate. Your statement of choice will cover the wall with a bold new look you won’t have to get out a large ladder to dust.

4. Stay within a color scheme.

Consider unique ways to make the wall an accent wall. Many accent walls are created with flooring materials. Some stand out with wallpaper. If you choose a solid color for your accent wall, make sure it is bold, without going outside your room’s color scheme.

5. Have fun.

Don’t rule anything out because you don’t think it is the latest trend. Trends come and go. Your beautifully crafted accent wall should be designed to stand the test of time.

Always follow your “off” instincts. It could mean the difference between a drabby mudroom and a chic first-impression.