Things to try When a Space Feels “Ugh.”

January 14, 2018

Many interior designers follow their creative intuition when they put together a space. So if a room in your house feels “ugh”, it is a sure sign that some interior redecorating needs to be done.


Here are a few simple questions you can ask yourself before you blow your budget with hiring interior designers.

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How is the Color Looking to Interior Designers?

Did you go with your gut when you choose the color scheme for this room? If so, perhaps you are simply not using the various colors in the scheme correctly like interior designers would. Bold colors need space to show off. Smaller rooms can benefit from muted colors.

It is important that every design aspect of the room goes along with the color scheme you choose. A piece of furniture with a clashing color is easy to spot.

Tip: Pick your paint color last. This will help you see your color scheme through all the important aspects of the room’s design.

Is the Theme of the Room too Obvious?

For some, a theme makes decorating a room easier. A theme used extensively can become obnoxious. Your room needs to be planned first for the day-to-day activities it will be used for.

Does the Room have Something Special in It?

When a room doesn’t feel “right” it might be because it doesn’t feel like it’s custom to your style. When you decorate, use pieces of furniture and art that you already have. If you followed your designer instincts, your older pieces will fit right in with the newly renovated room you’ve created. Try a few different pieces to see what works, using creative thoughts that interior designers would use. 

What do the Empty Spaces look Like? 

The empty spaces in your room are the spaces that catch the natural lighting and the artistic visual breaks among pieces of decor. They are essential to prevent your room from looking cramped. Make sure you are not putting your furniture pieces too close together. If a piece of furniture or decor isn’t fitting right, maybe it’s not meant for this room.

If the empty spaces in your room needs more natural lighting, see if some creative mirror placement can fix the problem.