5 Money-Saving Tips for Interior Designers

September 21, 2017

Interior design is a wonderful career where you get to use your creativity every day and make people happy at the same time.


Most interior designers enjoy their work and can make good money from what they do.  At the same time, you want to save your client money and maximize your profits.  To do this, interior designers can take advantage of these money-saving tips.

  1.    Find hidden treasures.

Recycling is one of the best ways for interior designers to save money for themselves and their clients.  Everyday objects and even those that people would never think of using for home décor can be great for decorating a home.  Vases made out of wind glasses and ship’s rope railings for stairs are just two creative ideas that you can use.  A look around the local thrift shop or even your client’s home can turn up unique items for you to use.

  1.    Get deals online.

It happens to all interior designers: you find an item that is just perfect for your client’s home or office, and then you see the price tag.  Sometimes this can be a downfall, but you can often get the same item or a similar one for a lower price.  The internet is a wonderful place where you can find a variety of similar products or even originals from other sources.  Amazon is a good place to look for such items, which are often at significantly lower prices.

  1.    Partner with local companies.

A lot of interior designers save money by making deals with local companies.  From furniture stores to décor companies, interior designers can create deals by recommending the companies to their clients and using them as a primary source of interior design materials.  There are other deals you can make in exchange for discounted goods, such as providing business cards and other advertising material to your clients.

Don’t forget to make deals with delivery companies and disposal companies to save your clients even more money.

  1.    Be familiar with local stores.

Knowing sources for supplies ahead of time helps interior designers save time and money.  Making regular rounds to local design stores allows you become familiar with their inventory and prices, as well as where you can expect to find the best deals. Reading news and trending articles in the design industry will also help you stay on top of things.

  1.    Provide alternative options.

Lastly, you can save clients more money by helping them decide what they need and what they don’t.  You can also suggest ideas that are better but more practical when it comes to money.  After all, interior designers are the experts!

With these tips, interior designers can provide even greater value to their clients. Everyone appreciates the option to save some money, and a bit of extra effort goes a long way. Implement this advice and you can expect some great feedback from happy clients!