Lighting Tips to Make Your Room Look Bigger

March 15, 2021

Lighting Tips to Make Your Room Look Bigger

 Sometimes a smaller room in your home can feel warm and cozy– perfect for a breakfast nook or a quiet reading area– but, more often, small rooms can just feel cramped.

When you’re designing your home, you want all of your rooms to feel perfect. A cramped room that feels crowded and uncomfortable can throw off the whole vibe of your house! Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can use to make a room look and feel much bigger.

Showcase vertical space

If your room has a high ceiling, you can open up the space by emphasizing all of that vertical space. Using long pendant lighting is a great way to do that!

An eye-catching pendant light fixture or two will draw your guests’ eyes up to the ceiling and make the whole space feel airy.


Using many different forms of lighting throughout the room brightens up all of the corners to really take advantage of every square foot of the space.

Consider the difference between a single lamp in an otherwise dark room, and a room that’s lit all over by lamps and wall lighting. It makes the room feel like there’s a lot more space to move around in, and avoids the claustrophobic, closed-off feel that a dark corner can create.


Minimalism is a trend that looks like it’s here to stay. A completely minimalist space isn’t entirely realistic (clutter is pretty much inevitable, especially if you have kids), but you can use elements of minimalism to your advantage.

For example, choosing lighting fixtures that take up as little space as possible– a low-profile floor or table lamp frees up space in the room.

 It’s important to consider scale for all of your furniture and lighting, too. Smaller furniture that takes up less room is a great fit for a space that needs every inch it can get. Sleek, minimalist lighting can have the same effect.


 Using mirrors to make a space feel bigger is a staple of interior decorating for a reason. Adding a mirror to any room creates dimension and the illusion of additional space. But did you know that you can use mirrors to complement and emphasize your light fixtures, too?

Adding a mirror to a wall that’s located next to a floor or table lamp means that the light generated by your lamp will be reflected back into the room– doubling the lighting without taking up any extra space at all.

Keep it light

 Dark colors and intense patterns can look amazing in the right context, but we wouldn’t recommend using them in a room where you’re trying to create the illusion of space.

 The same is true for lighting. Choose your fixtures wisely, keeping your goal in mind, in order to achieve the right effect. A big, dark-colored, heavy fixture might not be the right choice for this particular room– instead, try a white lamp or even a clear glass fixture. Making fixtures “invisible” other than the light they give off is a great way to maximize the visual space in your room!

Talk to an expert

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