Lighting The Views of Your Home

November 24, 2017

It’s a no brainer that we are attracted to bright lights.

Our eyes get wider when we see a lit up Christmas tree, or become awestruck walking down the Las Vegas strip. And just how we are mesmerized seeing city lights, we want to light our own home just like it. Here is why you need lighting both in the front and back of your home.

There are four principals of outdoor lighting to keep in mind. The principals are design, equipment, installation, and maintenance. All go together in harmony, and you can ask any one of our specialists in store on how to achieve that!

The Face of Your Home

Your front door is important because that is the first thing you and your guests will see before entering your home. Doors can be elaborate with glass, or simplistic as a beautiful, solid wood door. Either way, you will want to make sure there is adequate lighting walking up to it. Hang an overhead light above your door so your house or apartment number is visible at night. This would also help if you have stairs leading to your front door to see who is knocking. There are ways you can automate your lights on a timer so it turns on when it gets dark out, and turns off as soon as the sun comes back up. Convenience and safety at its finest!

Do you have a driveway? Consider placing lamps on both sides to easily see at night. Just like a plane benefits from a lit runway, so will you coming home in your car. It also lets other drivers see where they’re going on your street.

Your Backyard is Your Domain

Need some ideas to light up your backyard? We know it’s your baby and you want to show it off. First, take a walk around your yard at night and try to notice areas that you want to be more illuminated. If you want extra brownie points, sketch out your yard to show areas where there is already light, problem areas where you want light, and anything you want to be replaced. It might help to have multiple views of your project to get a bigger picture, which is why we recommend sketching it down. This way you can see if you just want lighting one night for an outdoor party, or want to have it for the long run. Need some quick lighting outside for a party? Consider string lights or christmas lights to add a more intimate setting. Trying to shine focus on seating or your back door? Try putting lights in bushes to set the mood or motion sensor lights next to your door.

Make sure you have a budget for your projects. Simple, low end lighting can be installed yourself, while higher end lights might require installation by an electrician.

As with any project for your home, we are eager to help you! Our interior designers can not only help you with your projects inside your home, but also outside.