Make No Mistake: Avoiding Common Remodeling Blunders

Avoiding Common Remodeling Blunders

 Even in the world of home improvement, mistakes can happen at just about any point in the process, whether you’re a house-flipping expert or a brand-new DIYer. Instead of stressing out trying to do everything perfectly, give yourself some peace of mind by understanding that mistakes happen while knowing what to look out for.


Keep an eye on the budget


Virtually every home-improvement TV show is likely to show people struggling to stick with their original budget. It seems like no matter how well you’ve prepared, something is going to pop up, requiring your attention (and money). 


While it’s difficult to anticipate the unexpected, you might find it helpful to do extensive research ahead of time to get as clear an idea as possible of the materials you’ll need, taking extras into account, just in case.


You might need more than you think


When planning your budget, you might be tempted to calculate the exact cost of your chosen flooring per the exact square footage measurements of your home or room. However, flooring isn’t something that you can skimp on– and it’s likely that you’ll need more than you’d originally accounted for. Mistakes and mismeasurements happen, and your budget will thank you for planning for these things ahead of time.


In fact, it’s recommended to pick up 20% more of the flooring than you think you need. Even if your installation goes perfectly, it’s good to plan for possible future damage. If a heavy piece of furniture gets dropped during the remodeling process, you’ll be grateful to have some extra flooring to replace the damaged material!


Aim for classic, not trendy


Home trends come and go quickly, but chances are good that if you’re remodeling your home, you’ll want to pick styles that will stick around for a long time to come. For example, if you went crazy with the early-2010s chevron fad, your home might be looking a little dated today.


Instead of choosing materials and finishes that stick to what’s really trendy right now, try to consider what you really like. Choose flooring, tile, and carpet styles that really go with your personal style. While your style might evolve over the years, too, it’s likely that something you chose because it personally resonates with you will stay looking great longer than whatever the decorating fad du jour might be.


Make sure it all fits


A beautifully-decorated home includes elements that fit together nicely. When choosing flooring, finishes, and lighting solutions, you should be sure to measure absolutely everything– and then measure again, just in case. This extra step will help you avoid purchasing hanging lights that are too long or too short, or buying an appliance that doesn’t fit where it needs to go.


Consider how the room will be used


The materials you choose for things like flooring, in particular, highly depend on the type of use and traffic that a room will get. Choosing a plush carpet that shows footprints easily probably isn’t a great idea for a main room in your home that gets a lot of traffic throughout the day; it’ll show wear sooner, and might not last as long as it should. A carpet designed for high-traffic might be too rough for a bedroom, also.


Ask an expert


Our design team is ready to answer any questions you might have about your remodeling process, from finding the right kitchen and bathroom finishes to choosing the perfect carpet for your living room, dining room, and bedroom. 

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