Mixing and Matching Colors in Your Space

Choosing an accent wall in your space to paint an interesting, bold color is a classic way to liven up a room– but it’s also a big commitment.

Instead of painting an accent wall, you can select pieces of furniture and decor in your selected accent color. 

Bright upholstery or a unique vase or piece of wall art can add some interest to your space, and if you get sick of them, it’s easy to change them out for something else.

How can I incorporate patterns in my space?

Experimenting with patterns can be intimidating. If you’re into a funky, eclectic look, then using tons of patterns together might suit your room perfectly. But for a toned-down space decorated in shades of neutrals, adding a pattern could get overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are so many options available to you that there’s definitely a pattern– or several patterns– that are perfect for your vibe. 

Some patterns are so simple that they could almost qualify as neutrals, while some are bold and command the attention of the room.

Considering the function of the room and the general feelings you’d like to evoke can help you choose the perfect pattern. 

For instance, the patterns and fabrics you might choose for a cozy bedroom are probably different from the ones you’d choose for a high-traffic family room.

Where should I start when mixing and matching colors?

The sheer number of options available to you might be enough to send you into a state of decision paralysis. But don’t jump ship just yet– the design experts here at Kaufman by Design are here to advise you.

We’ll discuss your vision for your space and help you choose the perfect color, or color palette, to bring your home together. Give us a call today to get started!