Motivation For Homeowners In The Middle Of A Renovation

March 18, 2018

Feeling stuck in the middle of your renovation project? Maybe you didn’t fully appreciate the scope of your task. Perhaps you are faced with too many decisions and can’t move forward.


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Keep track of your progress.

It might look like a big mess of building materials and mismatched tools, but you’ve made progress. How you keep track of your progress is up to you. What is your most efficient way to stay organized?

Many homeowners use a checklist to keep track of everything that is going on during the renovation. This is also a good way to look back at what has already been accomplished. Just remember to check things off the list. Finish an item, and move on.

With a checklist you can celebrate the small victories. Your small victories deserve to be celebrated. Not just the overall renovation.

Have a variety of projects to work on.

Renovating involves many moving parts. You will be working with contractors, going at the pace your budget allows you to, and allowing for any interruptions unrelated to your renovation project.

While you wait for your next budget to spend, work on things that are free. Cleaning and organizing the space is free. Once you get back to work it’ll be easier to get started. Are there any aspects of this renovation you don’t need a contractor for? Take that task on yourself.  

Having lots of things to focus on will keep you from feeling “stuck” and unmotivated. You’re always making progress somewhere.

Take an intentional break.

It might seem like the last thing you need to do. If your renovation project is constantly on your mind, it’s like you are constantly working on it. Motivation comes from within. A lack of motivation could mean that you are mentally worn out.

If you feel unmotivated, you might also feel like you are procrastinating. Force yourself to take a break from this procrastination, without doing any work. During this break take time to do one or all of the following:

  • Celebrate your progress.
  • Remind yourself of your goals. Are you still excited about the end result?
  • Like a good meditation session, focus on the good. What is going well? Has any aspect of your project turned out better than expected?
  • Look at your “before” photos. Compare these photos to any inspirational photos you used to plan this renovation project.