Quarantine Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day 2020

This Mother’s Day is a little different from last year – this year you and your mother are likely practicing social distancing or possibly a full-on quarantine.


But whether you’re a safe six feet or a few states away, this is still a day to celebrate the woman who gave you life and to thank her for everything she’s done for you over the years. 

Since dinner out, spa treatments, and shopping trips are all out of the question post-coronavirus, the question becomes… what do you give the woman who gave you life? Flowers are nice, chocolate is tasty – but we think you should give your mother something that lasts, something that will remind her of you every time she sees it. 

So what better gift is there for the housebound and bored than that of home decor?! Check out this list of our favorites for some inspiration! 


Tyler Candles

We know, we know…scented candles? It’s the gift you give when you have no idea what to get for someone. But these are not your mother’s scented candles…at least not yet. The Tyler Candle Company creates deeply delicious fragrances in unusual and exciting combinations. They focus on high-quality candles that burn for hours and deliver a clean, unadulterated scent. 

There are also gift packages with matching sachets, oils and reeds, lotions, even dish soap! Imagine – no more competing scents in the entryway, the living room, and the kitchen!  

In a time where self-care is absolutely essential, aromatherapy should not be overlooked. The right scents can relax us, remind us, even transport us. So buy your mom a mini stay-cation in a boxset this Mother’s Day. We swear she’ll love it. Plus the packaging is gorgeous – you could drop this baby in a clear gift bag and it would look fantastic! 


Glam Home Accessories

When you’re trapped inside for weeks on end, sprucing up your living space can make you feel in control and help you see it in a whole new light! Help your mom transform her living room with some modern, luxe touches. 

Upscale, sculptural flowers can take the place of her dusty fake hydrangea arrangement. Funky table lamps can transform and revive her living room or bedside table.  Not sure these appeal to your mom’s sense of style? We have plenty of more traditional options as well. 


Zen Decor 

Want to help your mom destress and find her zen (after all she’s trapped at home with your dad 24/7)? Maybe an indoor fountain is the thing! We have options that range from tabletop to full wall size depending on how much relaxation you think she can handle. 

Bringing the outdoors inside is the perfect way to destress. Having real plants in your home helps clean the air, brighten the space, and make it feel larger because you associate flora with the outdoors. It can also be very calming to have a routine of caring for something other than yourself (and your dad. And possibly you. Okay, so maybe some low-care succulents are in order.). Make it even more enticing with the perfect planter – we have something for every style!

Mirrors are another popular zen-granting gift. Mirrors are traditionally used in Feng Shui to balance a room and open it to light. Give your mother the gift of rooms that are brighter, feel more open, and reflect all that love and light she gives you right back at her! You can shop our mirrors online and sort by color, finish, size, or style!


Pictures Of You!

If we know anything, it’s that the thing a mother loves most in all the world is her children. Do you want to bring a tear to her eye and a hand to her heart? Then we suggest pictures of you, your children, your family, your siblings, the family dog – whoever your mom holds dear – already framed and ready to hang in a place where she can see them every day. 

Want bonus points? We sell pre-made gallery walls like this one. All you have to do is insert your precious memories and voila! Your mom has a Mother’s Day gift that will last forever and make her feel closer to you – even if you have to be apart this year. 

We know that Mother’s Day is going to be different for a lot of us this year. Even if we live nearby, we may not be able to visit while we observe shelter-in-place and quarantine orders. So let’s do something extra special this year to lift our moms’ spirits and let them know they’re loved! Contact Kaufman By Design West with any questions you have about shipping, delivery, or installation.