3 Reasons To Take Photos During A Renovation

May 8, 2018

Putting in a new flooring? Renovating an entire room from scratch?

It is always a good idea to document the upgrades or renovation you make to your home. Who doesn’t love a good “before” and “after” photo comparison?

Friends and family will appreciate photos while they admire your new space, new flooring, and the progress you’ve made on your home. Should you decide to sell, photos could even help sell a home for a higher price.

During your renovation, everything will seem “in progress” and not fully finished. It is important to take pictures anyway. Our interior designers recommend taking “before” and “after” photos of your renovation. You should also take a few “in progress” photos to remember all the hard work that went into making your home beautiful.

Here are 3 reasons to take photos during a renovation.


1. To remember what lies beneath the surface.

It happens. During a renovation, homeowners find a treasure of flooring materials that have been hidden for years. Who knows what is under the old carpet you are ripping up, or behind the cabinets, you are taking down? The materials will need some work, but the discovery may drastically change your renovation plans.

Keep photos of the stages the room goes through during the renovation. Who knows, maybe vintage linoleum will be trending in the distant future. As interior designs change, you and the future owners of your home will want to know what kinds of materials lie beneath the surface.


2. So you remember where wires and pipes are.

The last thing you want to consider during a renovation: What will happen during the next renovation? Renovations are lots of work. However, homes are often renovated more than once. Either to fit the preferences of a new owner or to accommodate a new stage in your life.

You could save yourself lots of time and money by knowing what is where in the walls of your house. During a renovation, materials will be taken down, exposing walls that would otherwise remain a mystery. When the next renovation is planned, the interior designers will know where essential pipes and wirings are.


3. To show off progress to friends and family.

The loved ones in your life are going to hear all about your renovation during the process. When the work is done, they will appreciate seeing the beautiful new space and everything that went into creating it.