Safety Tips For Doing Yard Work In The Summer

July 24, 2018

Even in the hot Arkansas summer, homeowners want their landscaping to look well-kept.


While there isn’t much you can do about the heat, you can take a few safety precautions to make sure your day of yard work ends with a glass of fresh, ice-cold sweet tea and not a trip to the emergency room.
Kaufman is proud to be a Stihl dealer. Stihl makes great power tools for yard work and more. While you are operating your new Stihl equipment, here are a few safety tips to remember.


Watch the heat.

Most Little Rock residents try to get their yard work done before the hottest days of the summer. If not, they do yard work during the cooler hours of the days.
Summers in Arkansas are hot and working in the heat can be very dangerous if you are not cautious. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, it is best to stay inside. Any heart issues make you more susceptible to heat-related illness.
The key is to stay hydrated and know when to take a break. Make sure water is convenient to get to while you are working. If you feel lightheaded, take a break indoors.


Be safe with equipment.

It might seem like a hassle, but you really should check the dealer for any recalls. It is also a good idea to glance over the owners manual — these manuals are often posted online by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, not all weed whackers are made the same.
Wear appropriate safety gear while operating your equipment. Gloves can help you get a better grip on trimmers and other yard work equipment. Some yard work equipment needs to be carefully handled without gloves. Use your best judgment.


Know where the electricity is.

Got big landscaping projects to work on this summer? Are you going green by using electric yard work equipment? Then you need to take precautions and be sure to prevent any electricity related accidents.
Call your electricity provider to come and mark underground wires before you do any major digging. Not only could you get electrocuted from contact with these wires, you could damage the wire and cause electrical problems for the area around you.
If your electrical yard work equipment has been sitting in the garage for a season, it is a good idea to check on the wires. You should also make sure the power is off before plugging in any electric power tools. You don’t want it starting up before you are ready.


Don’t fall off the ladder.

It can be frustrating when something is just out of reach. It doesn’t matter what is growing on your roof, ladder safety needs to be observed at all times. Don’t use a ladder that is standing on top of a table or chair. The ladder needs to be secure on a level surface.
Use a utility belt like the professionals do. They are quite handy during above-ground projects. WIth a utility belt, you won’t find yourself making as many trips up and down your ladder. You’ll also have your hands free to climb safely.