Seating Ideas for Summer Home Improvements

Seating Ideas for Summer Home Improvements

Summer – the season when school is out and work is slow. It’s the perfect time to do some summer home improvements before the business of fall and the slow downhill slide to the holidays begins! You can even put the kids to work with you if they’re already starting to complain about being bored. 

And since we’re thinking ahead to the holidays, it’s likely time to think about where you’re going to seat everyone when they gather in your home. Quarantined holidays – and other celebrations like birthday parties and baby showers – are looking more and more likely, so you’ll need to make sure you have a way to keep everyone comfortable and spaced out while they’re visiting. 

Check out our tips and ideas for increasing your seating with these summer home improvement projects!

Create a Window Seat

Stretch your kitchen’s seating by extending your wall to include a bay window with a window seat. It offers more seating and it gives the illusion of more space as the window lets in more natural light. If you’re not interested in the full-on commitment of busting through a wall, you can also create a faux window seat by creating bench seating with cushions in front of a kitchen window. 

Bonus – bench seating can seat several people as opposed to one per chair!

Create an Outdoor Sitting Area

If you’re planning to get together with distant friends and family, creating a socially-distanced, outdoor seating area can help keep you close with those all-important face-to-face conversations – while making sure you’re not breathing down each other’s necks! 

If you already have a patio or deck, buying new deck furniture, replacing the cushions on your existing furniture, or building seating yourself can all create an inviting atmosphere. If you don’t have an outdoor seating area already, consider creating a gravel area for a firepit, pouring concrete for a patio, or building a low deck. These can all be weekend projects if you choose the right design and materials. 

To create cost-efficient seating, you can build rustic, attractive palette furniture out of salvaged or recycled palettes. Or you can take a step up in difficulty and build your own benches from treated lumber. The chemicals they’re treated with ensure that they can last through all sorts of bad weather. 

If you’re thinking about building an outdoor entertainment area, just contact the designers at Kaufman by Design West. We’re happy to walk you through everything you’ll need to create a welcoming and attractive area. 

Custom Day Beds

If you’re looking to create more custom outdoor seating with a little less elbow grease, you should consider a Nate & Lane custom daybed. These swinging, outdoor daybeds are a gorgeous addition to any front porch. And you can customize your style, cut, material, finish, and cushions for a unique-to-you look! 

They’re fantastic for snuggling up with your family or your dog while you read a book or just relax and take in the sounds of summer. To install the daybed, you’ll need to have a sturdy overhang, beam, or stand from which to hang it and enough space for it to swing freely without bumping into the side of your house. Always take measurements and consult with one of our designers before you take any permanent actions.

If you have any questions or you’d like more ideas for summer home improvements, just get in contact with one of the members of our talented design team! We’re always happy to explore all the possibilities of what your home could be. Just contact us to make an appointment or stop by the store.