The Best Deck Lighting for Summer Nights

The Best Deck Lighting for Summer Nights

Sultry summer nights filled with iced tea, laughter, and fireflies are the stuff that nostalgia and dreams are made of. Long leisurely evenings like that are meant for forging new memories and reflecting on old favorites. But the wrong lighting can be harsh or cold, ruining the intimate atmosphere as quickly as it takes to flip a light switch. 

At Kaufman by Design West, we believe that you can design the mood you want to experience. So if you’re looking for dreamy summer nights that you’ll look back on with glowing memories, check out our best deck lighting designs and options for bathing you and your loved ones in the warm, subtle glow of hospitality and companionship. 

Whimsical Fairy Lights

There’s nothing as magical and charming as strings of fairy lights strung over the deck railing or off of hooks overhead to create an awning of warm, twinkling light. Simple white Christmas lights, trendy individually-spaced Edison bulbs, or tiny lit-up paper or copper lanterns can set the mood and encourage a playful, bohemian atmosphere. 

Romantic Sconces

Sconces add a romantic, old-timey feel to your home’s exterior and they can set a tone for your entire outdoor experience. Flickering gas flames can cast a warm, campfire-like light without any of the added smoke or effort. LED bulbs last forever and come in a variety of wattages and colors. For a trendy, bar-hopping kind of feel, serve some craft beers under the popular Edison bulbs screwed into copper-finished sconces. 

The colors and metals you choose – along with the bulb – can change and set the mood for whatever kind of gathering you wish. You can choose from a bevy of outdoor sconces in our online store. Brass, aluminum, pewter, or painted – you can sort by the finish of your choices or just browse through the virtual catalogue to see what catches your eye. 

Adventurous Fire Pits

Fire pits are often overlooked as a light source, but nothing brings people together to laugh and share stories like gathering around a fire. Even during lulls in the conversation, watching the flames crackle merrily is entertainment on its own. Create an adventurous escape without ever leaving the comforts of home behind! 

We sell a variety of fire pits, from rustic to sleek and modern – just check out our selection online or drop by the store to ask one of our associates for a demonstration.

Dramatic Lanterns

Nothing creates a dramatic scene quite like a statement lantern hanging over your outdoor seating area. Whether you go for sleek and understated or big and bold, you can’t go wrong. People love a conversation starter and even more so when they can gather beneath it and experience a completely unique and novel atmosphere. 

From traditional iron lanterns to full-scale, hand-designed chandeliers, we can provide you with a statement piece that will be the talk of the neighborhood. 

Subtle Deck Lighting

If you want the focus to be on the food and conversation rather than the lighting, you may want to invest in some hidden deck lights. You can install under the stair lighting to light your guests’ paths, and deck lights that cast either spotlights or a cascade of lighting across the floor of your deck for an easily traversable surface. This is a great choice if you have anyone who has trouble walking or seeing in your household! Nothing ruins a good night like a bad spill.   

If you have any questions about the best deck lighting for your outdoor space, contact Kaufman by Design West and we’d be happy to walk you through your options. We’re positive that our dedicated and talented team of designers will be able to find something that’s a reflection of your taste and style and a credit to your home.