What's all the hype over a big green egg?

May 8, 2018

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The Big Green Egg has been around since the 70s and still shares a strong following of backyard cooking enthusiasts. Why? It ceramic materials and egg-like shape give it the ability to cook foods to perfection. Unlike a regular grill, a Big Green Egg could bake a pizza or smoke a 20lb turkey.


The Big Green Egg keeps precise temperatures.

With easy-to-adjust dampers and high-quality ceramic walls, the Big Green Egg can maintain very specific temperatures for an extended amount of time. It can keep a low temperature of 330° for up to six hours. It can also reach temperatures of 850° without overheating the exterior of the egg.

Users use dampers to adjust the heat.


The Big Green Egg burns lump charcoal.

Regular grills heat food with charcoal or natural gas. Lump charcoal is a more natural alternative to the charcoal used to cook on a regular charcoal grill. Lump charcoal burns hotter and cleaner.


The Big Green Egg is not an alternative.

This outdoor cooker is so unique, it doesn’t share the stage with many other outdoor cooking appliances. It cooks kamado style and offers many different means of cooking. You can use the wire rack to grill food. Other stoneware provided allows you to use The Big Green Egg to do more.


The Big Green Egg has a large following.

Big Green Egg is highly recommended. Outdoor cooking enthusiasts can list uses and luxuries of the Big Green Egg for days. If you have any questions about the Big Green Egg you can consult a large online forum.

A surprising amount of Big Green Egg owners are more than happy to share their advice.


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