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October 27, 2020

Tool Shed and Garage Organizational Tips for Spring Cleaning

So you went out for that first mow of the season or to put up your winter clothes and realized – this garage or shed needs a serious re-organization! Spring cleaning is the perfect time to take stock of what you’re storing, build in extra space, and get your tool shed or garage to the perfect level of form and function. But where do you start and where do you go from there? Here are some organizational tips from the pros!

Clean Out and Take Stock

Before you shove totes of sweaters and jackets into the only space in your garage or cram your yard equipment back in that tool shed, take a step back! Start your Spring cleaning by pulling absolutely everything out of the space to take stock of what you’re storing. Is it time to have a garage sale or donate some of that stuff you haven’t even seen in a few years? Are you ever – really – going to use that scrap lumber or those giant strawberry planters? Get back to basics and determine what’s essential and what can go. Then – and this is important – get rid of the things you don’t need or won’t use.

But don’t dust off your hands and shove the “keep” pile back into your shed or garage. This is the perfect time to reimagine the space!

Plan Out Your Storage Space

You’ve minimized the madness of your storage space by reducing the number of items going back in. Think through how you want your stored stuff to be organized together. Do you have Christmas totes with all of your decorations in them? Are your tools all together and organized in a way that makes sense? Group items together and get them into appropriate totes, boxes, or storage bins. Don’t forget to label your totes for ease of access! And remember that the goal is to get your stuff into as few totes, bins, or boxes as possible to make for more room and neater organization.

Install Space-Saving Shelving and Racks

Now that you’ve taken stock of what’s going back into your tool shed or garage, account for the type of storage you’ll need. You can store yard equipment and tools on hanging racks to get them off the floor and organized. For other items, consider shelving to provide more vertical storage space along the walls. You might even be able to install ceiling-mounted racks for even more storage – whether that’s a space to hang bikes or slide in totes overhead. 

The key is to maximize the use of your wall spaces to create a center of the room that is as clear as possible. That allows for cars in the garage and lawn mowers or other big equipment in your tool shed. You can buy shelving and tool racks, or you can pick up lumber boards and sheets and build them yourself!

Store Your Stuff – and Review Each Season

Don’t leave Spring cleaning in the Spring season! Once you’ve got your tool shed or garage organized, stick to your plan and keep your tubs, totes, and boxes clearly labeled. Establish a seasonal schedule and clean out unused items as you go. That way, next Spring you can spend more time enjoying beautiful weather and less time reorganizing your tool shed or garage!

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