Turn Your Home Decor Into A Christmas Wonderland The Easy Way

December 10, 2018

Is your home decor ready for the holidays?


If you are finally getting settled in a new home with fresh home decor and accents, here are a few tips for adding some Christmas charm.


Stick with a theme or choice of colors.

The theme is “Christmas” right? The world of Christmas decor is expanding every year. You have many options to choose from within it. Choose your favorites and stick with them.

You don’t want to have too much-matching decor. But you know what you like. Don’t feel obligated by the regular Christmas decorations. Feel free to think outside the box. Glitter? Pinecones?


Choose the most important rooms to decorate.

It would be fun to have the whole house decorated. But there is truly no need. Decide which rooms have the most significance or usage during the holiday season. Focus all your decorating efforts here.

Often these rooms are the dining room where you’ll be serving special dinners and entertaining guests, and the living room where you will spend time with family and open presents.


Use what you already have.

Maybe you’ve been handed down decorations from relatives, or simply picked them up as gifts. Chances are, you’ve got a box or two of Christmas decor ready to go. Decorations that hold memories or remind you of loved ones are the best kind of decorations.

You also have your original decorations you can spruce-up to be holiday-worthy. Picture frames? Baskets? Mason jars? Get creative!


Use lights.

Christmas lights are appropriate everywhere. When you put together a display, consider at least one way to keep it well-lit.

Candles are great for holiday decor. But not every home is ready to have an open flame on display. Consider battery-powered tea lights. There are many safe options you have to work with.


Add depth with layers and textures.

The key to creating a true Christmas wonderland in your home is to add depth to your decor. This is the real secret to looking like you spent lots of time and effort decorating when really you just added some burlap ribbon to your wreath.

Create layers by catering to the five senses:


       1. Sight. Lights! Sparkle up your home.


       2. Sound. Christmas music is a perfect way to give your home that holiday-feel. Don’t like Christmas music? Consider what sound makes think you of Christmas. The crackle of a fireplace? The occasional sound of jingle bells?


       3. Touch. Make your couch part of the decor. Add a festive throw pillow or throw blanket.


       4. Taste. Christmas might be the best excuse to decorate your home with candy. You could also set up a station for guests to make their own holiday-themed drink.


       5. Smell. This one is pretty easy. If you don’t have a real Christmas tree, find a safe way to bring that pine-scent into the home.