What You Need To Know About Custom Doors

November 5, 2018

Need a new front door? Many older homes need custom doors to replace the originals when they are no longer up for withstanding the elements. There are many reasons a regular door won’t fit in your frame. A common reason is that the structure of an older home has settled over time.


 A door to your home needs to fit perfectly in their frame to keep out pests, elements, and the cold. It also needs to be sturdy enough to provide security. Get custom doors at Kaufman by Design.

Whether it’s just your door or the whole frame, we’ll make sure your door is fitted to last for ages.


Here are a few things you need to know about custom doors.


Most custom doors are only custom in size or shape.

As your home settles over the years, your door frame will likely warp. This makes your frame unfit for regular doors. When you need a custom door, it is often a run-of-the-mill door adjusted to perfectly fit your frame.


Custom doors are often required in home remodeling projects.

This is one of the many reasons experts recommend leaving a little room in your remodeling budget. You might not realize that your home needs a custom door until the project is well underway.


The energy efficiency of your home will improve.

If you use a door that is not fitted to the frame, you will significantly decrease the energy efficiency of your home. Your HVAC system will work overtime to make up for all the conditioned air that escapes through the gaps between your door and the frame.


Custom doors improve energy efficiency by creating a protective seal to the frame.


The value of your home goes up as you invest in quality materials.

Custom doors add value to a home. They increase the energy efficiency of the home when they work properly. During any remodel, builders will use higher quality materials, and materials that are properly fitted, to improve the value of the home. Doors are no different.


Get the front door you’ve always wanted.

Your front door is the first impression to visitors. A door that stands out from the rest will leave a memorable impression with your guests and passers-by. If you can’t find a door that lives up to your design expectations, it’s time to look into getting a custom door.