What You Need To Know About Scandinavian Interior Design Before You Go For It

May 6, 2019

Scandinavian interior design trends have been growing and growing. While the Scandinavian look is trendy, and trends fade, the idea of a space you feel happy in is a style, which is forever.


While you consider some beautiful Scandinavian accents to your home, here are a few things you should know.

At Kaufman by Design, we keep up with the latest trends for home decor. Our interior designers will help you get that Scandinavian look you are dreaming of. But we will also take care to stick with the timeless styles that won’t fade away like trends do. A space needs the best of both worlds.

Clutter is eliminated. The items you can see are tastefully placed for convenience.

Scandinavian design has minimalist hints to it. A truly Scandinavian space simply does not have any place to hide clutter. You start with a bare, square room and add storage as decoration.

One very unique trait of Scandinavian design is the use of storage as decor. Decorate with clothing racks sparsely loaded with tasteful garments. Since this trend is also all about convenience, these garments are probably placed where they are needed most. A coat by the door?  Rack of worn-once-but-could-wear-again garments next to the closet? Perfect!

Rugs, on rugs, on rugs.  

You know that wildly popular IKEA rug? Scandinavian design forbids wall-to-wall carpet. Carpet can trap dust, dirt, allergens, and more. Even in the harsh winters, they would rather have wooden flooring to deal with carpet.

Rugs are more than welcome. Scandinavian people use rugs to add cozy-ness or a pop of color.

Forget everything you know about color palettes. Scandinavian design holds out for just a touch of color.

Most Scandinavian color palettes are simple or muted. If color is used, it pops. Then the design goes right back to having that minimalist/industrial feel.

Throws? Find anything cozy and beautiful to lay about.

Make an area super cozy with throw pillows and blankets. Colors are muted (unless a pop is needed), and textures are more natural. Throw blankets are draped over furniture, not folded. Throw pillows can also be used as floor seating.

Both are layered in a stunningly, artistic method. That looks like it just happens naturally.

Don’t forget about the candles!

We can’t say enough about their artwork. It’s simply simple and breathtakingly beautiful.

There isn’t much color in traditional Scandinavian artwork. Most of their work is strictly black and white, or monochrome.

Think of artwork that looks like someone just sat down with a pencil and started drawing. No one could tell what the drawing was until it was finished. Then, wow.


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