Why We Love Custom Daybeds

At Kaufman by Design West, we believe in two things – outrageous customer service and high-quality products.




We know that if we can deliver those two things, everything else will fall into place. 


Our obsession with craftsmanship is what brought us into partnership with Nate & Lane Design Company and their gorgeous, custom swing daybeds. We are so excited about this product that we wrote a whole blog post about it! We started with a product description and just couldn’t stop! 


But enough about us – let’s talk about the best custom daybeds in Arkansas. 

What Makes These Daybeds So Special?

Nate & Lane Design Company offers a variety of swing day bed designs that you can use in your home or your outdoor space. They’re perfect for cuddling up in brisk fall weather or creating a whimsical getaway on your own front porch. All Nate & Lane swing beds are built the old fashioned way – by hand, one at a time. 


Because they’re custom builders, they name each design after the first client to purchase a particular design! Love the concept, but don’t see a perfect match? That’s no problem! You get to build a daybed that exactly fits your specifications and style.


You get to choose your wood, your finish, your hanging wrap and material, and your mattress covers. We offer several mattress packages, complete with cushions and armrests, or you can start with just the mattress and build your own look. This is a personalized day bed that you can completely customize to transform your space. 

How Can I Customize My Daybed?

We are so glad you asked! If you’re interested in purchasing a Nate & Lane swing bed, Kaufman by Design West is here to help. This is where we get to show off that outrageous customer service we promised. You can contact us online to make an appointment with one of our home decor specialists, or you can just drop by and our design team would love to walk you through the process. 


Measure Up!

First, we’ll ask you about your specific area and the layout of your porch or room. It would be helpful to have a few items ready, like:


  • Measurements of the area you’d like to place the daybed
    • Ceiling height
    • Depth of porch or room
  • Materials of the ceiling 
  • Whether or not there are anchoring beams or studs where you’d like to hang the daybed


Specific measurements are fantastic, but not completely necessary for the first design discussion. We just want to make sure that once you get your custom daybed, you have somewhere safe and comfortable to hang it!


What’s Your Style, Baby?

After you’re sure that a daybed will work in your home, we’ll ask you about any specific style preferences you have. Are you going for a beachy look or do you prefer a rustic farmhouse feel? And we’ll also ask you a few questions about your home’s current vibe to make sure the look is cohesive.


For instance, what types of wood finish do you use on most of your furniture? If all of your furniture is distressed white, a darker walnut or maple finish may seem a little heavy and out of place.


You may also want to take into consideration the style of your home’s facade. If you’re going to be using the swing bed on your front porch, you want to make sure it seems like a natural extension of your home and style. If your home is a colonial style, with pillars and whiteboard siding, maybe you’d like a white, latticed daybed (ask about the Camelot Swing Bed). If you have a farmhouse, maybe thicker slats in a rustic finish that reflect your exposed beams is a better fit – the Lane Bed and the Stonewall Bed are excellent examples.


If you’re interested in seeing any (or all!) or these day bed designs, or if you have an idea of one you’d like to build from scratch, contact us online or drop by the store! Our design team would be thrilled to help you design your dream custom daybed!