Why Shop at a Lumber Yard Rather Than a Big Box Store?

Why Shop at a Lumber Yard Rather Than a Big Box Store?

Whether you need lumber for a do it yourself project, your whole deck needs replacing, or you’re a contractor looking for the right supply of lumber for a big build, you’ve got a lot of options on where to shop! There are lots of big-box retailers with lumber sections hoping you’ll choose the convenience of shopping center locations or brand familiarity over a trip to your local lumber yard – so why shouldn’t you? Here are a few reasons you should shop at a lumber yard rather than a big box store:

Local Lumber Experts

A blue or orange vest doesn’t make somebody a lumber expert. At Kaufman, we’ve been providing quality lumber and great customer service since 1952. Our lumber yard is not only locally-owned, it’s staffed by wood and lumber specialists. So when you need to know which species of wood will be perfect for your project, how to get the right cut, or what grain patterns stain and present best, we’ve got you covered. Anybody can carry a measuring tape and most folks can handle a saw, but when your project needs a level of expertise, partner up with your local lumber yard! You’ll be getting expert advice and doing business with your neighbors, making a greater financial impact in the local community while finishing your job with better results.

Better Care – Better Quality

Lumberyards and lumber professionals have a greater respect for the wood they carry – it’s our livelihood! Wood that is kept at lumber yards is stored properly and is much better cared for than it is at big box retail stores. Lumber yards understand the environmental conditions that impact wood – for better and worse! And we always ensure that the wood we carry is properly stored and handled. That leads to straighter boards, more reliable structural integrity, and superior product. The quality of wood that comes from lumber yards is higher, and the care – for the wood and for the customers – is just better at your local lumber yard. 

Better Pricing

Better wood means higher prices, right? Wrong! Lumber yards cut out the middle man and specialize in wood and wood products. That means we’re a direct distributor – bringing you the best pricing possible without any requirements or special membership program. Because we’ve been in the business for more than half a century and we’re lumber experts, we know how to pick the best products and buy them at competitive prices – to pass savings on to you! 

Bigger Selection, More Custom Cuts

It’s called a lumberyard for a reason – you can’t beat the selection at your local lumber yard! Our wood and wood products aren’t shoved to the back or side of a big box store – the lumber yard is the store. You can find help navigating the enormous selection from one of the local lumber experts we mentioned above or walk the yard on your own to gather ideas and get what you need. Because we offer an enormous selection and industry-leading specialization, we can also provide more custom cuts to suit the needs of your job. You might be able to get some help with length-cuts at a big box retail store, but most DIY projects involve a lot more customization than a simple measurement. Your local lumber yard can custom mill any quantity of wood so you get the perfect cut every time.

Kaufman – Your Local Lumber Yard

With three convenient locations across Little Rock – including Kaufman by Design West – Kaufman Lumber is your local supplier of quality lumber and great customer service. Whether you need help with interior design, bulk lumber for a construction project, or hardware from your local lumber experts, we’re here for you! Visit one of our locations or contact us today to get started on your next project – with the power of a full-service lumber yard behind you!