Why Should You Install a Pocket Door in Your Home?

Should I Install a Pocket Door in my Home?

If you’re a lover of old buildings and vintage home decor, you’ve probably noticed a feature that was once popular but isn’t used much anymore: the pocket door. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, a pocket door is one that operates by sliding inside the wall when it’s open– in other words, sliding into a “pocket” in the wall, hence the name.

Pocket doors were most popular during the mid- to late-1800s, and then came back into style during the mid-20th century. 

Why did pocket doors go out of style?


As you can imagine, during the late 1800s and 1950s, technological advancements weren’t quite what they are today.

Because of that, pocket doors occasionally experienced hardware issues that were difficult to access and fix, since the sliding door’s track was located mostly within the wall.

Additionally, pocket doors can be difficult to operate for people with different mobility needs. For example, someone with arthritis would have a harder time opening and closing a pocket door than a traditional door.

What are some of the benefits of pocket doors?


Because pocket doors are most often seen in older homes, adding one in your home today can add a retro flair to your decor! 

They don’t have to look dated, though– because of their sleek design, they’re also well-suited to minimalist spaces.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a pocket door is the increased ability to save space. When installing a traditional door, you have to allow the door to swing fully open. In tighter spaces, like pantries and bathrooms, this can take up a lot of valuable real estate! 

A pocket door, however, frees up space in the room for other things while still providing privacy.

Plus, a pocket door can be more accessible for people who use wheelchairs. A hinged door can be difficult to reach, while a pocket door is easier to access from either side.


Will a pocket door look good in my home?


Because there are so many options available on the market, a pocket door can look pretty much however you want. No matter what, you’re likely to be able to find a door and matching hardware to fit your home’s current aesthetic.

Ultimately, a pocket door has the potential to look amazing in any type of home! But if you’re in the process of renovating an old home that has a lot of small rooms or cramped spaces, pocket doors can make a huge difference in saving space.

For example, if you’ve converted a large closet into a home office space that can get cluttered during the work week, installing a pocket door for that space can conveniently hide it away when guests come by. Plus, you can slide the door closed for a little extra quiet and privacy during important Zoom meetings.

Where can I find the perfect pocket door?


If you’re looking for a pocket door that fits your home’s decor and your budget, the design experts here at Kaufman by Design are here to help. We proudly carry all the best brands to make your dream home into a reality. 


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