Why STIHL Tools Are On Our Must-Have Christmas List This Year!

October 27, 2020

Why STIHL Tools Are On Our Must-Have Christmas List This Year!

The polls are in – 2020 was the Year of Do-It-Yourself! Whether you’re shopping for a brand-new DIYer or a dad who built your first swingset with his own hands, STIHL has you covered. Find great deals on a full line of STIHL tools and accessories at Kaufman – find out why STIHL is the only choice for Christmas 2020 right here.

Your Christmas List – Right Here

Kaufman has the best deals on the best STIHL tools – right here in Little Rock ready to pick up curbside or in the store! Save yourself from time – here’s what your household handyman or DIY Wonder Woman needs this Christmas:

  • BR 600 Backpack Leaf Blower: Skip the air-puffing handhelds and upgrade to a powerful backpack leaf blower that can take on the fiercest foliage. Skip the headaches, too – the BR 600 is fuel-efficient and low-emission. This beast of the back yard packs power, efficiency, and durability.
  • MS 250 18-Inch Chainsaw: Stack up firewood or prepare for winter storms with our favorite chainsaw. Easy to start and easy to run, this chainsaw’s 18-inch bar can take on just about anything. Pair with plaid and get cuttin’ with one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market.
  • MSA 140 C-B Series Chainsaw: Another chainsaw?! Yes. This compact cutter is perfect for small limbs and debris cleanup. It’s battery-operated, quiet, powerful, and efficient. That makes it the perfect chainsaw for any setting – whether you’re cleaning up after a storm on the farm or clearing a fence line in a suburban neighborhood with an active HOA. How do you choose between this one and that one? You get ‘em both.
  • FS 38 Lightweight Trimmer: Say goodbye to sore backs with a lightweight trimmer that packs enough power to get the job done. An ergonomic design weighing in at less than 10 pounds with a 15” cutting spread makes trimming and edging a breeze. Priced under $140 for the holidays, this wonderful weed-wacker wraps up the list without breaking the bank.

Best of the Best Since 1926

STIHL has been bringing the best German-manufactured tools to market since they opened up shop in 1926. What’s in a name? Andreas Stihl, the company’s founder, is credited with innovating the modern chainsaw itself! 

Nearly 100 years later, this power tool powerhouse is still pumping out high-quality, highly efficient tools for consumer and commercial markets. When it’s gotta work, it’s gotta be a STIHL.

We’re not the only major fans – STIHL has increased its market share in the United States almost ten times over every year since 2018! And what do the big, bold letters on legendary woodworker and man’s man Ron Swanson’s – er… we mean Nick Offerman’s – chainsaw say? You guessed it – STIHL. 

But STIHL does more than chainsaws. Today, the company produces a full line of outdoor power tools, including those on the one-stop shopping list above. Write ‘em down. Wrap ‘em up. When it comes to reliability, durability, and work-hardability, you can’t beat a STIHL. 

STIHL is 2020 Tough

We’re not out of the 2020 woods yet! A tough year calls for tough tools – and STIHL fits the bill. Since its founding, STIHL has manufactured all of its own parts in-house, and they’re the only company who makes their own saw chains and bars! That commitment to quality German manufacturing makes it all the way to your back yard. With tools you can count on and best-in-class warranties and guarantees, STIHL’s got your back.

Doing some browsing on your work-from-home “break’? Check out just how strong STIHL is by checking out their STIHL Timbersport Competition Series – just be warned: your lumberjack is gonna wanna start practicing. 

STIHL Tools in Little Rock

Kaufman Lumber and Kaufman By Design West are your authorized STIHL dealers in Little Rock. Our family business has been serving central Arkansas since 1952, and our team has over 550 years of combined experience! Contact us or visit one of our locations to make this Christmas one to remember!