Why We Hate Parquet Flooring (and You Should Too)

January 22, 2020

Parquet flooring is a popular trend, but we cannot get on board with it. Parquet consists of wooden flooring pieces arranged in a mosaic-like pattern.


This type of flooring became popular because it looks sophisticated, but there are too many downsides to make it worth it. Here are the reasons why you should avoid parquet flooring:


Easily Scratched


It does not take much for your precious parquet floors to be scratched by a small, sharp object, and once it is scratched, repairing the floor can be difficult and expensive. Stilettos should never be worn on parquet floors because the pressure from walking on them is more than enough to cause scratches. You must also be vigilant about sweeping regularly because dust and dirt left on the floor can also lead to abrasions. 


Prone to Moisture Damage


Additionally, you need to be careful about making sure the parquet flooring is not subjected to excess moisture or humidity. All wood flooring is susceptible to moisture damage, but parquet is particularly so because of the many small pieces. Simply spilling a glass of wine on the floor can cause severe damage that will require some pieces to be replaced.


Requires Frequent Maintenance


Parquet flooring is installed because of its unique look, but just wait until you hear how much upkeep goes into maintaining that look. You would need to sweep on a daily basis to prevent dust buildup, and in addition to that, you would also have to polish, sand, and seal the flooring as needed (this can be as often as once every couple of months). If there is even minor damage, be prepared to do even more maintenance on this type of flooring.




Due to these reasons, we do not recommend parquet flooring for our clients. There are plenty of other gorgeous flooring options out there that are less expensive and lower maintenance. Instead of parquet, we suggest you look into solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, or natural stone tile. All of these options will still give you that expensive look without the downfalls that come with parquet flooring.