Why We’re Crazy About PK Grills This Summer

August 11, 2020

We love all the seasons for different reasons – but summer has got to be our favorite! Why you ask? Well, because it’s grilling season of course! There is nothing quite as satisfying as the smell of roasting meat and veggies wafting across the porch while you sip on a cold beverage and watch the kids play in the backyard. 


At Kaufman by Design West, we’re obsessed with high-quality, high-value products designed to last. That’s why we are equally obsessed with this year’s lineup of PK Grills! This charcoal grill and smoker isn’t your father’s little black charcoal grill. This is an aluminum powerhouse of air and temperature control, superior heat retention, and absolute tender-meat perfection. 

It’s a Grill and a Smoker!

No need to choose between a smoker and a grill this season – with the PK Grill you get both! Turn out juicy, flavorful burgers and hotdogs and other foods that require high temperatures for a short amount of time – or experience the falling-apart tenderness of the low and slow setting for pork shoulder, beef brisket, or baby back ribs!

The cast aluminum casting means that your grill retains and maintains heat that is both powerful and evenly distributed for that perfect sear. The nickel-plated steel hinged grid makes refueling your grill for long smoking sessions a breeze! You never have to remove the cooking surface or disturb your food. 

Unbeatable Temperature Control and Heat Retention


All veteran grillers know, the more precise you can be with your temperature, the better your food will turn out. You simply cannot beat the PK Grills for accuracy and heat retention. Aluminum conducts heat more efficiently than other metals, making it a perfect surface for smooth heat distribution and even cooking. 

To help keep your coals stoked and your smoke circulating, the PK Grill design involves a 4-way venting system comprised of two adjustable vents in the top lid and two dampers under the coals. These vents provide easy and accurate temperature control so you never have to worry about flare-ups caused by fat dripping into the fire.

Superior Craftsmanship


As a design company with lumber shop beginnings, we are deeply impressed by true craftsmanship. And these PK Grills are obviously very lovingly and purposefully made. The edges of the top and bottom castings are hand-worked to ensure that each grill gets a perfectly tight seal against heat and smoke escaping. Because of the way aluminum conducts heat, the ¼ inch aluminum casting allows the PK grill to perform as an oven as well as a grill. Slow-cooked BBQ, Pizza, beans, and veggies – you can roast, grill, smoke, and bake anything you may need for your next summer celebration. 

Durability Guaranteed


When you invest in a piece like this, you want to make sure that you’re buying something built to last. We submit that this may be the last grill you ever have to buy. Aluminum is inherently rustproof, making it perfect for your lakehouse, campsite, beach-front getaway, or other wet climates. The hinges are molded into the grill to keep them from rusting and the design allows the top to lock on or lift off easily when it needs to be cleaned.  


Skeptical? We were too – until we saw the reviews from people all over the country who are still using their family’s PK grill…from the 1950s! These grills seem to be nearly indestructible, but still light enough to be lifted by one person – making it the perfect adventure companion. 


If you’re interested in buying a PK Grill, we partner with the PK brand as one of their certified retailers. Contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have – or you can drop by the store and check out the grill for yourself!