Yard Work Tools | When To Rent and When To Buy

April 22, 2019

Love yard work? Got a big project coming up?  Before you begin the job, consider tools that will make the job easier, safer to accomplish, and ensure the job is well-done. Tool rental is a great option for those rare jobs that require expensive equipment.


Here are three questions you should ask yourself if you are trying to decide between buying a tool or tool rental.


1. What kind of maintenance does this tool require?

Owning a tool means you are responsible for all the upkeep. If the tool is electrically powered, this maintenance could add up. The tool is no good if it is not well maintained by the owner.


A paint sprayer is the perfect tool for a fresh coat of paint or stain. It won’t leave behind the marks hand-held brushes do. However, if it is not properly cleaned after each use, it will become inoperable.


When you rent a paint sprayer, you will return the sprayer for cleaning. The renters clean their equipment regularly so they can be rented out again. When you need a paint sprayer again, you can find a fully-operational.

2. What kind of safety concerns should you have for the job?

The larger jobs we don’t do on a regular basis can involve heavy lifting and tall ladders. Your safety should always be a priority when it comes to construction or yard work.


Tools you rent are regularly inspected for malfunctions. They are in use throughout the year by other renters. Tools left in your garage collect dust. The time between uses when they are left sitting could leave them dried out and inoperable.


A boom lift might seem like overkill. But if the job has you reaching great heights, you need to be honest with yourself about safety. Plus, these lifts have a huge fun factor.  

3. Is there some aspect of the job you are dreading?

Many homeowners are eager to get hacking, wacking, or lightly trimming the brush around their yard. Once the fun is over, they know they have to turn around and deal with all the brush that has been trimmed off.


An outdoor sweeper will make your clean up easy and thorough. It will pick up wet debris, dry debris, litter, pulled weeds, hedge clippings, and even collect dust. All this while creating a minimal amount of dust. The collection unit can be emptied, and you are done!


The brush won’t grow back fast enough for you to justify owning an outdoor sweeper. Tool rental is a great option.

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